The Third International Meeting Of Kurdish Cartoons,2022
Caricature art is comprehensive and diverse in life, so Center 7 may be the third international art center to hold an international meeting of Kurdish cartoons (portrait of Sherko Bemeduk) as the most prominent poet of the new era.
Terms of participation:
- Cartoonsters can participate in two work.
- The size of the A3 and the 300DPI dial.
- The work must be new and has not been participated in any exhibition or festival before and has not been published.
- The deadline for receiving the work is 1/7/2022 and after that date no work will be received.
- Any work that does not contain conditions will not be accepted.
In the third meeting, the award will be given to the three winning cartoons.
First Prize $ 500
Second Prize $ 300
Third Prize $ 200
Send caratomy to the following email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sherko Bekshadi is one of the most famous Kurdish poets awarded the Tokholsky Prize in Sweden in 1988, in 1968 he published