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Semarang International Cartoon Festival/Indonesia,2022
SICARTFEST2022 Open Submission for International Exhibition
SICARTFEST # 2 2022 The Department of Fine Arts, State University of Semarang, as a tertiary institution that actively holds exhibitions at the international level, tries to play a role in the discourse of anti-war and world peace. The SICARTFEST #1 exhibition was then created to raise public awareness through cartoon education about COVID 19. Now SICARTFEST #2 (Semarang International Cartoon Festival #2) carries a theme, namely world peace with the title Peaceability. This title is a composition of the words Peace and Possibility explaining that wars between communities may be avoided, while wars against ideal forms can be won.
Interestingly, many cartoonists are more concerned with the issue of world peace. So far, war from their point of view is a form of satire comedy that deserves to be laughed at. Through this Peaceability discourse, it is hoped that artists can work with the approach they often do, so that exploration of forms, techniques and media can occur and be diverse. For this reason, Sicartfest #2 is our effort to have a dialogue through cartoon visual comedy to provide a discourse on how important peace is. So, the war we have to do is a war against ourselves.
Terms of Work
Works at the SICARTFEST exhibition must meet the criteria:
Explain the response to peace (against the war) from a comedy/educational perspective.
Each participant can send only one cartoon.
 Write description of the work: a) full name b) title c) media d) technique e) email address f) country.
Write the concept of the work from the idea of ​​creation (the beginning of finding ideas).
Send cartoon must be 300 DPI resolution JPG format.
Submission Artwork:6-25 September 2022
Deadline::25 September 2022
Opening Exhibition: 3 October 2022
Closing Exhibitiom:7 October 2022
Further Information:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person:
+62 899 5824 148 (Ahimsa) +62 889 0299 ​​8878 (Lunar)


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