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1st.Internationa Cartoon Competition/Algeria,2023
"Ain Association for cultural creativity"  announces the first international competition
for Caricatures - Alg Best Toons, under the supervision of the artist:
Sakhraoui Tarek
Ghougali zoubir
Abdelghani Benhariza
Topic of the competition: 
1st topic: The actor
2nd topic: The cinematic character "Athmane Ariouet"
Works must be:
* Manual or digital and to be sent in A4 dimension 300 dpi resolution.
* Participation is limited to one work for each topic.
* Full name and country must be written on works,  sakhraoui-tarek-Algeria.
* Send CV with a photo of the artist.
- Deadline to send works is : April 5, 2023
- Works to be sent to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Certificates will be sent to winners via e-mail.


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