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International Cultural Heritage Protection and incorrupt Govern ment: Contributions Wanted for “Zhengzhou Cup” Cartoon Contest

1. Organization
Host: HenanCartoonist Association, Zhengzhou Relics and Archaeology Institute
Undertaker:Henan Xoyto Animation Group Co.,Ltd
Judges of the contest are consisted of top experts from Henan Cartoonist Association.

2. Schedual
Time of accepting works: 03,2017-09, 2017
Preliminary appraisal: 10, 2017
Final appraisal:11, 2017
Award and exhibition time: November, 2017

3. Activity Arrangement
(1) The subject is <Protect world cultural heritage and relics>

(2) Competition System
There are preliminary appraisal, re-appraisal and final appraisal in this contest, and the works which is passed preliminary appraisal and re-appraisal will enter the final appraisal.

4.The setting of the Awards
Top Grade Award: one person(30000RMB rewards per person and certificate)
Gold Award: one person( 20000RMB rewards per person and certificate)
Silver Award:five persons( 5000RMB rewards per person and certificate)
Bronze Award: ten persons(2000RMB rewards per person and certificate)
Excellent Award: thirty persons(300RMB rewards per person and certificate)
Henan Cartoonist Association, Zhengzhou Relics and Archaeology Institute will present the price for awardees.

5. Solicitation Scope
Cartoonists around the world; single frame or four-frame cartoons.

6. Requirement of works
The requirements are focused on ideological content, humor and artistry, and comply with the Chinese relevant laws, regulations and policy. The entries with independent intellectual property should be created after 2015, but also for those published works.
The contestants should fill the Application form of “Zhengzhou Cup”International Cultural Heritage Protection Cartoon Contest(download it from submit the photocopy of ID card.
Format: the image size should be 420mm×297mm with the resolution no lower than 300dpi; and the title name, author name, telephone number, email address and mailing address should be indicated on the back of the image
The hosts have the rights including but no limited to, publish, transfer and display the works in any from by any media, and free to collect the works to publish and display. The other use of all entries are also not limited by this contest .
The number of every contestant’s works should no more than two and not be returned.
The contest news will show in the Wechat public account: henandongman.

7.How to contribute works
Only the electronic version should be submitted.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Attachment:Application form Of“Zhengzhou Cup”International Cultural Heritage Protection Cartoon Contest

Application form Of“Zhengzhou Cup”International Cultural Heritage Protection Cartoon Contest

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