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The International Festival Santiago A Mil Created Mafalfa's Quino Exhibition  2015

Just when we commemorate the 50 year life of Mafalda,Argentina's famous

cartoon form part of the extensive range of Santiago a Mil Festival.

The sample Quino Mafalda exposure arises as a tribute to the author,

driven by the authorities of Buenos Aires and atrerrizando this summer in Chile.

It highlights some of the issues that the ingenuity and talent of

Quino reflected in his unforgettable drawings are crossed.

The proposal is to accompany Mafalda, his most iconic and

beloved character, on a tour of the production of humor of their creator.

In the minds of many resonate to this day phrases Quino expressed

through the little girl, "Enough", "Stop the world, I want to get off", "As always:

the urgent does not leave time for what matters" or "And

if instead of planning both were flying a little higher? ".

His work reflects creativity, review and critical and rebellious spirit.

The exhibition will display in the Hall of GAM Visual Arts Centre from

Saturday January 3 until Sunday 1 February 2015.

Admission is free and the invitation is for all age groups.

The International Festival Santiago a Mil is a project created

and organized by Fundación Teatro a Mil, presented by

Minera Escondida and has the support of the

National Council for Culture and the Arts.

      Santiago a Mil



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