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Tan Oral "Entertainment Lines" cartoon exhibition/Turkey 2015

Cartoonist Tan Oral "Entertainment Lines" cartoon exhibition created with the name April 13 on Monday opened the Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery-G. The opening of the exhibition; Anadolu University Rector Prof. Dr. Naci Gundogan, Eskisehir Deputy Governor Dr. Ömer Faruk Gunay, Anatolia former Rector of the University of Atacama Peters, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts Professor Amal Şölenay, Secretary of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Master Zeki Öztürk invitees.Deputy Governor Dr. Omar are in relation to Faruk Gunay exhibition, said: "I've been in a lot of opening with Tan Oral'l, I am interested in cartooning. I do not see as our time on those written, but I'm looking at loving the humor magazine on the internet. In the meantime, it is our opportunity to meet with experts in the field. They are the first generation of the republic . How do they continue to contribute still if they keep up the spirit. We are carrying Although less that spirit. Let's hope that after us, too, would move. Still Atila Ozer Caricature is done the organization of home. At the international level 70-80 comes cartoon from the floor. Thanks to those who stepped it I would. Eskişehir, original, Places, the invisible has become a place. To another city 'Cartoons Our Home' You have a say. to teach that good writing, you will continue to boot. Everyone I congratulate you for that perform such a study. ""Not everyone can be the artist, not anyone ever cartoonist""It no longer has an exhibition opening, and I am very excited and happy, especially for being is making the opening speech." He's Anadolu University Rector Prof. Dr. Naci Gundogan, "God our oral teacher, who served for many years in our university, cartoon on the road to all the arts show, a lot of our famous cartoonist suggesting. Cartoonists are really intelligent and leading people of the society. What we wrote our books full are the artist can tell a few lines. Not everyone can be the artist, cartoonist, not at all. I have heard a lot from us a great pleasure and honor our teacher would like to emphasize in particular. I thank you because of all contributions ever made to our university. After that, I expect him to contribute in the same way I also added. This exhibition also art lovers, I wish the best for our students and faculty. "He made the opening speech by saying.Former Rector Dr. The vast Atacama Tan around the world in the establishment of the Museum of Cartoon Art began his talk by telling the story of meeting with oral told the story of the cartoon they brought along."Exhibition in my various publications are a selection of lines that I have published in the newspapers. It all works published works in the exhibition. I showed them earlier in Istanbul. Lately he squeezes pessimistic people in the political environment in Turkey. That's why issues still issues on the agenda, even if the exhibition's name 'entertainment lines of 'I want to put a little light name. I also appeal to the audience that. "Using expressions cartoon artist Tan Oral is the" Entertainment Lines "is the process to be exhibited at Anadolu University is the exhibition, said:" Opened in Istanbul this exhibition Eskişehir friends at Anadolu University, repeat it here We fetch as wanted. Already my Anadolu University between 1990 to 2000 I taught for ten years, it is a place where I break off from care. "After the exhibition on April 14, 2015 at 11:00 am famous karikatüristl the Faculty of Fine Arts Conference will be held in a chat session hall. The exhibition will be open until April 17, 2015, respectively. Anil Aksoy (Newsroom)

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