The Exhibition Of V Biennial Of Humor Luis D ' Oliveira,Penela 2016
Opening of the extension of v biennial of humor Luis D ' Oliveira Guimarães spinal - - penela 2016 in space atmosphere m in port on the 20th of February 2017
The exposure of a selection of works from the v biennial of humor Luis D ' Oliveira guimarães - spinal / penela is reflected in the port - space atmosphere m (Street Julio Dinis) until the end of the month of March
Moment of the speeches with Fernanda De Freitas (Coordinator of the atmosphere m), Antonio Alves (President of the parish council of the spinal cord), Luís Filipe Matias (President of the municipality of penela) and Osvaldo Macedo De Sousa (Artistic Director of the biennale)