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Weekly note-7

This week I wanna thank all the participants from around sixty countries that participated in the contest productivity.
This contest is good and it acts to its obligations, although its awards are good but it has a complex issue. Iranian friends who participated in the contest proved his friendship. Our full list of participants will be announced upon completion and finalization. Many celebrities participated in this contest and gathering all these names in a contest is a great success. From today you can participate in the fifth citizenship contest of tabriz that will be held with culture of citizenship subject and from september that the contest was over we'll focus on tabriz international cartoon festival. The festival will be brought to life, survival and growth because we are discovering new faces. By the way, I like the discussion of resemblance because it causes we scare of repetition and create complex ideas.

Rahim Baghal Asgari-Tabriz


Translate by:Saeideh Azizkhah


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