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1. Forest and Land Fire Category
Winner: Muchid Rahmat - Indonesia

2. Plastic Waste Category
Winner: Hooman Tahvildar Akbary - Iran

3. Illegal Logging Category
Winner: Valentin Druzhinin - Russia

4. The category of the National Movement for the Restoration of Flow Areas
Winner: Luc Descheemaeker_Belgium

5. Climate Change Category
Winner: Sukriyadi Sukartoen - Indonesia

6. The Benefits Category of Peatlands
Winner: Furqon Elwe - Indonesia

7. Category Natural Charms of Indonesia
Winner: Mohammad Hossein Akbari - Iran


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25th International cartoon humour and satire competition, Bombura sword/Slovakia 2020

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Selector & Jury of the 52nd WORLD GALLERY of CARTOONS Skopje/Macedonia 2020

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2020 the 10th International Cartoon Contest Grafikatur/GERMANY

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the 6th “The Centre of Heaven and Earth ” Cultural Heritage International Cartoon Competition

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Albert Uderzo passed away: ‘Asterix’ Illustrator and Writer Was 92

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