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Results Of 8th.International Caricature & Graphic Humor Competition "NOTICARTUN" /COLOMBIA ,2022
A. Caricature: of the maestro Coriolano Leudo Obando.
The Winners:
First Place: António Santos - Portugal
Second Place: Edi Dharma - Indonesia
Third Place: Emanuel Nuñez - Argentina 
Honorable mentions: 
1 Mentions: Fritz Pelenkahu - Indonesia 
2 Mentions: J Bosco - Brazil 
3 Mentions: Marian Avramescu - Romania 
4 Mentions: Luis Domingo Rincón B. (Domingó) - Colombia 
5 Mentions: (Shared): Zahra Taheri - Iran & Cival Einstein - Brazil
Special Recognition Colombian Author:Giselle Escandón
* Special Diploma Sponsored by Comic Sin Fronteras: Jaiken Guerrero - Peru
* Special Recognition Cartoon Júcalo: Stella Peralta - Colombia


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