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Shiraz International Taxation Cartoon Festival/Iran,2022
We intend to think of a new world with a different viewpoint to taxation!
A world where social and economic justice and development are transparent.
This is why we respectfully and proudly invite all cartoonists in the world to accompany us in this path by taking part in Shiraz International Taxation Cartoon Festival.
Public Relations of the General Department of Taxation of Fars Province- Shiraz
Subject: Taxation
Taxation and people, taxation culture, taxation and justice, taxation and economics, taxation and production, taxation and entrepreneurship, taxation and transparency, taxation and development, taxation and my city, tax evasion, the impact of taxation on poverty reduction and class gap
•    There is no age limit to participate in the festival.
•    Performance technique is free.
•    The size of the works is 42 * 30 cm.
•    Works can be performed either in black and white or in color.
•    Each participant can send a maximum of 5 works.
•    Festival participation form must be filled in and sent along with the works.
•    The secretariat of the festival has the right to use the received works in order to print books, posters, brochures, catalogs and urban advertisements.
•    Participants need to send their works via email, however, the owners of the top 5 works of the festival must send the original hard copy to festival secretariat.
•    Sending works means the acceptance of festival rules.
•    Email address to send the works: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
•    Submission deadline       June 15
•    Result announcement        July 14
•    Secretariat address: Public Relations, General Department of Taxation, Taleghani St., Shiraz
•    Shiraz special award and plaque to the top five cartoonists of the festival
•    A memorial plaque for the finalist cartoonists
•    A participation certificate for all cartoonists
Festival Communications and Media Director:
Ahmad Reza Sohrabi


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