Annual International Caricature and Portrait Competition "Caricatoons 2022"/Egypt
1️⃣ Cartoon section theme: Climate change
The challenges of climate change and its impacts on future generations are becoming more apparent. You, the artists, are visionary and prophetic. Are you an optimist who can show us what an ideal future might look like? What our world would look like in the near future if countries worked together with the public, private sector, civil society and development partners to bring about much needed change. Or warn us of the miserable outcome that awaits us if we fail to act now to save generations to come.
2️⃣ Portrait section theme: George Bahguri
During this year's event, we would like to celebrate Egyptian cartoonist and visual artist George Bahgouri. His influences and contributions to the Egyptian and global art scene in general, and caricature in particular, are worthy of being highlighted by your talents.
🛑 Conditions:
• Open to artists from anywhere in the world
• JPEG coordinated works, 300dts per inch, A3 size
• Works in black and white or in color, in any style or technique
✅ Responsibility:
By submitting participation, the participant attests to their own work and allows organizers to reproduce all or a portion of the entered material for free posting and/or display in competitive media.
🏆 Awards (in both divisions):
1st Prize $500 (Granted by jury knowledge)
2nd Prize $250 (given through voting on media)
📧 Submission:
Please submit your artwork along with a brief resume explaining your nationality and a personal photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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⏰ Deadline October 1, 2022 ⏰