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2nd.International Caricature Competition and Exhibition /Iraq,2023
Within the activities of the 92nd Iraqi Caricature Day.
The Iraqi Cartoon House invites all artists of Iraq, its Arab brothers and the world to participate in the second annual international competition and exhibition, the course of Nuri Thabet (Habzbouz).
Drawing sections:
1- A caricature portrait.
2- Cartoon.
1- A caricature portrait of the pioneers of Iraqi caricature art.
2- A caricature portrait of Iraqi personalities in art, literature and science.
3- Iraqi traditions and customs.
4- Human rights.
5- Environment and climate change.
6- Negative social phenomena (drugs, suicide, corruption).
The details:
1- Entries: Max. 3 works.
2- The submitted drawings should not be participted in a previous exhibition.
3- Send as a jpg, resolution 300 dpi, width 2000 pixels long.
4- Attach a CV (full name - country and address - phone number - e-mail - a brief definition of achievements).
- The best drawings to participate in the exhibition will be selected by a specialized technical committee.
- There will be 3 prizes for the best three drawings by Iraqi artists (cash amount + caricature day shield + certificate of appreciation).
- 3 appreciation awards for non-Iraqi artists.
September 1, 2023
Send your works via e-mail:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For inquiries:
+964 7702689866


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