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One Of The Bests Caricature In The World/February,2022


1-If you had a drawing pen in your hand and could draw a world the way you wanted what would your world look like ?

1-1:A world without war, inequality or hunger, where men and women had the same rights. a world with more empathy with the pain of animals, a world without cages, cages, spurs, harnesses and chains. more respect for people of all colors and races.

2- Can you describe a full day for us ? how do you start and end your day ?

2-2:I wake up around 7 am and put a nectar made of flowers for the birds that visit my backyard, as well as fruit. I say good morning and send pictures of breakfast via whatsapp to my children who are married and no longer live with me and after breakfast I read the news and take a walk with my wife outdoors with a mask because of the pandemic. After a shower I start to draw... at noon I have lunch and then I watch the news on TV. around 1:30 pm I go back to drawing, I have an afternoon coffee at 5 pm and watch series and the evening news on TV. I draw a little at night and at 9 pm I watch the soap opera and a movie or pick up a book to read. around 24 hours I go to sleep.

3-How does drawing make you feel ? When you are creating a cartoon does it make you enter a different world ? 

3-3:Yes. Drawing is magical, you have the freedom to create a world of impossible things that go beyond imagination. This is magic.

4-What was the main reason for doing the cartoon? 

4-4:When I was 14 years old, I worked at a newsstand (which sold magazines, books, comics, various collections...) in this job I read a lot of cartoon magazines and caricatured the people who frequented the store. . Like every child I liked to draw and I never stopped.

5-Have you ever made anyone angry with your cartoon?

5-5:Yes. When I was in high school, I made a caricature of my teacher, she didn't like it, but everyone recognized it.

on mine adult stage I worked for 40 years in newspapers doing political cartoons and displeased

many politicians and twice I received threats of prosecution lawsuits.

6-According to you what is the funniest cartoon? 

6-6:The best cartoon is the one that treats with humor and he understands serious matters,

which makes the person reflect on controversial topics...

Life is lighter with humor. Laughing is a human need.

7-Is cartoon your income source?

7-7:Yea! for 40 years I worked for newspapers, magazines and comics.

8-Do you agree for your child to be a cartoonist?  

8-8:Yea! I have two children, Rodrigo and Camila, Rodrigo draws,

but cartoons are not his main source of income,

he works with information technology and software engineering,

my daughter Camila doesn't draw, he's a book editor.


9-How do you find your cartoons subject? 

9-9:The subjects are in everyday life, in everyday life, in the events

I watch on TV and see in newspapers and the internet.

10-Would you like to meet which cartoonist?

10-10:I had the honor of meeting many cartoonists from different countries at events

I attended. I have a lot of affection for the Indian Shankar Parmaty, Phillip Burke,

Jean Op De Beck, Angel Boligan, Cristina Sampaio, Afshin Nazari...many others including you.

11-The last time you laughed for what?

11-11: I laugh a lot daily with the cartoons about the president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro,

a person who, in my opinion, is not up to the job he holds,

so he commits many gaffes and ends up yielding several cartoons.

12-What is your entertainment? 

12-12: I watch movies, I make sculptures, I read books, walks outdoors,

I like beaches and travelling, I really like painting and drawing.

13-What was the best prize that you got?

13-13: I have over 70 awards and each one means a lot to me. the first time

I participated in a contest was at the International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba in 2001

and I won first place in the caricature category, for being the first it means a lot to me,

I highlight the first place in caricature of the World Press Cartoon and

also HQmix (2009) for "Best Caricaturist in Brazil".

The grand prize in Piracicaba and first place in caricature at Porto Cartoon.


14-What do you wish you did not meet?

14-14: The hunger

15-Who is your emotional supporter?

15-15:My wife Sueli Aparecida De Pieri Fernandes, with whom

I have been married for 36 years and has given me two children, Rodrigo and Camila.

16--In your country and your city which piece of art or place of art gives you

a special feeling and takes you away from your busy daily life ? Please describe it .

16-16:The Latin America Memorial is a large space designed by renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer,

where various art-related events take place, including my exhibition

'Pilares de 22', caricatures in honor of the artists who revolutionized art in Brazil in 1922.

This exhibition is in celebration of the centenary of modern art in Brazil.

17-What is the best thing you do daily ?

17-17:Draw and sculpt.


18-How would you best describe yourself and your art ?

18-18:  I'm always trying to improve my work.

I'm never entirely satisfied, always looking for new ways. Being original is my goal.

19-Would you like to travel to Tabriz?

19-19: Yes. It would be an honor for me.

20-Imagine one day you wake up and you are in the middle of Tabriz’s Grand Bazaar. what would you do??

20-20: I would appreciate every detail

21-Would you go to cafes to drink some tea or may be interested to go see the hand made rugs ??

21-21: either option would be interesting.

22-How does it feel to touch the rugs ? Are they soft like silk or are they rough? what are the pattens and colors on the rugs ?

22-22: As I don't know it, I can't give an opinion, despite being colorblind, I love colors.

23-Or perhaps you would like to drive a little far and go to the El-Goli park in Tabriz to walk around and enjoy the cool weather in the middle of the summer! Are you seeing anything interesting at the park ?

23-23:Very interesting, I can imagine.

24-What's your idea about Tabriz cartoon?

24-24:The Iranian cartoon is a world reference. smart and thought provoking.

25-Speech wanna tell us and do not ever say?

25-25: This year I realized a dream of making an exhibition with giant caricatures.....In the future I intend to make a huge

Sculpture in a square in my hometown.


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