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One Of The Bests Caricature In The World/February,2022

1-If you had a drawing pen in your hand and could draw a world

the way you wanted what would your world look like ?

1-1: Very complicated question. It would be easier to use an eraser to erase corruption

and political ambition, surely that would eliminate the other evils that prevent

us from evolving and being happy.


2- Can you describe a full day for us ? how do you start and end your day ?

2-2: I start and finish drawing, always. In the morning I work in the communication department of

the union of workers of the CCOO of Catalonia (Spain).

In the afternoon I dedicate it to my work and commissions of illustration and caricature.

3-How does drawing make you feel ? When you are creating a cartoon does it make you enter a different world ?

3-3: Sometimes I think that the different world is the one that exists when

I'm not drawing, when I draw I'm where I want to be and I dominate that world.


4-What was the main reason for doing the cartoon?

4-4: I didn't always draw caricature, but it is true that I always found it fascinating.

The ability to say so much about a person, even those things that person doesn't

want to show, is what makes it exciting.

Despite the fact that there are portraits that delve deeply into the psychology

of the portrayed character, I believe that the caricature can go further in that x-ray.

5-Have you ever made anyone angry with your cartoon?

5-5: I don't remember receiving any complaints from someone

I've drawn, but I have received some reproach from a fan of the

person I've drawn, but that's normal.

6-According to you what is the funniest cartoon?

6-6: I think that the caricature is within graphic humor, and as such, that set is fun.

7-Is cartoon your income source?

7-7: No, I wish. In Spain it is very difficult to earn money drawing (whatever it is)

but if you work in graphic humor it is even more difficult, which is why many of us

who draw are forced to have a second job or source of income.

8-Do you agree for your child to be a cartoonist?

8-8: LOL! Well, I wouldn't mind, but I think it won't be possible, he studies mathematics at the University.

9-How do you find your cartoons subject?

9-9: The news of each day is the best source of inspiration, especially the political world.

These people invent something new every day that means that cartoonists don't have

to make much effort to find motivation.


10-Would you like to meet which cartoonist?

10-10: Gerhard Haderer, Erik Sokol. Your work is admirable.

11-The last time you laughed for what?

11-11: I always laugh with family or friends, outside these circles

I don't find anything funny, that's why a cartoonist is necessary like a doctor

or a mechanic.

Someone has to bring out the positive or humorous side of things or

we would be plunged into absolute drama.


12-What is your entertainment?

12-12: Being with friends, drawing, running with my dog.

13-What was the best prize that you got?

13-13: I have some, I don't know if there are many or few,

but I was especially excited to be invited to Eurocature 2018 in Vienna.


14-What do you wish you did not meet?

14-14: I think it's good to know everything.

15-Who is your emotional supporter?

15-15: Of course, my sentimental partner.

I can safely say that without her I would not have achieved anything.

16--In your country and your city which piece of art or place of art gives you a special feeling and takes you away from your busy daily life ? Please describe it .

16-16: I was born in Barcelona and have lived in it for more than 30 years.

Without a doubt, a magical place for me is the Parque de la Ciudadela and especially its Zoo.

It's like finding a bisque or even a jungle in the middle of a city. A green heart among so much concrete.

17-What is the best thing you do daily ?

17-17: Get up and say hello to my wife and my dogs

18-How would you best describe yourself and your art ?

18-18: I know that I am somewhat aggressive in my drawing,

but I suppose it is my somewhat nervous personality.

In any case, I always try to be respectful with those who deserve it,

and with those who do not deserve it, be sharp.

That is another of the virtues of caricature, you can choose who deserves

your contempt or your admiration through your work.

19-Would you like to travel to Tabriz?

19-19: I would like very much

20-Imagine one day you wake up and you are in the middle of Tabriz’s Grand Bazaar. what would you do??

20-20: See and smell, and capture all the sensations that I can collect.

21-Would you go to cafes to drink some tea or may be interested to go see the hand made rugs ??

21-21: Drinking a good tea seduces me a lot.

22-How does it feel to touch the rugs ? Are they soft like silk or are they rough? what are the pattens and colors on the rugs ?

22-22: I have rugs at home but they are not from Iran.

I suppose that the touch of it is soft, but its color and the patterns

of its prints attract my attention more.

23-Or perhaps you would like to drive a little far and go to the El-Goli park in Tabriz to walk around and enjoy the cool weather in the middle of the summer! Are you seeing anything interesting at the park ?

23-23: I've never played golf, but I wouldn't say no, I like sport in general and it must be

impressive to be able to do it in Trabriz.

24-What's your idea about Tabriz cartoon?

24-24: I see the work of Iranian cartoonists on social networks.

I have a hard time remembering names, but I do remember that the level of their work is very good.

25-Speech wanna tell us and do not ever say?

25-25: I'd better make no speech, unfortunately I can't change the world and it

would be a sterile job. In any case, I do take the opportunity to

thank you for the interview, and especially Leila. Greetings from Barcelona.


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