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One Of The Bests Cartoon In The World/March2022


1-If you had a drawing pen in your hand and could draw a world

the way you wanted what would your world look like ?

1-1: I would like to draw a world without war, a world without hypocrisy,

a world full of solidarity and love. I would like to draw a world with many cultures coexisting

with respect. But for the moment I must continue drawing the world we have.

"His home studio"

2- Can you describe a full day for us ? how do you start and end your day ?

2-2:I don´t have an ordinary scheme for my days, the only usual thing is that

I work every day. Sometimes I work in the morning, other times in the afternoon

or at night. Sometimes I start working at dawn without stopping until night. 

The rhythm of my work depends of the time I have available and the type of work
I am working on. 
When Im working on a painting exhibit project with a death date I spent all the day working on that.
I wake up early, I take my little daughter to kinder garden,
I take a walk around the city always on different paths,
I meet my family, my friends, I do daily errands, etc.
I always look for the news searching for three to five media outlets with
different points of view.
I search in few cartoon sites what it’s happening in cartoon art around the world.
But I’m not only inquired about graphic humor but also about arts in general.
Well… I had a professor when I was studying medicine who said that “
those who only know medicine don't even know medicine” and in graphic humor the same thing happens.

3-How does drawing make you feel ? When you are creating a cartoon does it make you enter a different world ?

3-3:I don't need a special state of concentration to work.

I was born and live in the side of Havana that is so crowded and noised.

Many people, friends and family come when I'm working but its ok for me!

Anyway, I feel happy when I’m working and better if I found great solutions for my ideas.


4-What was the main reason for doing the cartoon?

4-4:According to what my mother said I draw since I was three years old and

I consider myself a person with a good sense of humor.

In cartoon art I found a way to link my aptitudes for drawing and

my way of being and at the same time is something that allows me

to communicate with many people and express what I think about my reality.


"Solo exhibit of cartoons at the Europen Cartoon Center in Belgium"

5-Have you ever made anyone angry with your cartoon?

5-5:Yes, that has happened to me. 

But it is something normal when you work as a cartoonist because not all people think

in the same way that you. It’s a kind of collateral damage in the war of humor.


6-According to you what is the funniest cartoon?

6-6: The funniest drawing is the one that is full of originality,

the one that surprises me because of his unexpectedness association

of ideas, and the one that is also well said with the drawing.


7-Is cartoon your income source?

7-7: No, cartoons are not my only source of income.

I work in different creative lines. I make cartoons,

I make posters designs and silkscreen posters, book Illustrations,

designs for events, paintings, three dimensional pieces, murals…

But finally, my incomes come from my work as an artist.



"Some of his silkscreen posters,at his studio in Old Havana"


8-Do you agree for your child to be a cartoonist?

8-8: Yes! Sure, I will be very happy! I’m have many things to teach, hahaha!


9-How do you find your cartoons subject?

9-9:Living! The creation has two phases: the phase of living and the phase

of digesting what you has been lived, there is the origin of everything else!

"Ares cartoons at the Fine Arts Museum collection in Havana" 


10-Would you like to meet which cartoonist?

10-10:I would like to meet Robert Crumb or Saul Steinberg but he is not alive.

But I would like to meet any cartoonist in the world each one of those

who make humorous drawings are very important to me.

11-The last time you laughed for what?

11-11:The last time I laugh was today in the morning at breakfast with my family.

I love to laugh of ordinary things. But, since I dedicated myself professionally

to making humor, I am becoming more and more demanding

about the quality in everything related to humor in arts.


12-What is your entertainment?

12-12: My main entertainment is to work, but I really enjoy take a walk with

my family and go to a restaurant, exercising 

( now essentially hiking but when I was young I practiced martial arts),

going on vacations to the beach, having parties at home, visiting museums, art galleries,

going to a music concert, dance, meet my friends and always walk around the city…

13-What was the best prize that you got?

13-13: All awards are important to me; but it gives me a great pleasure

when my work is recognized in my country. Among those awards,

it has given me great joy to have obtained the National Culture Medal or the National

Humor Award, recognitions that are given for the life achievement.

About the ones of international level everyone has given me pleasure.



"At UN Geneva as a representative of the Cuban Artist Union."


14-What do you wish you did not meet?

14-14:I don't want to meet the war, I don't want to meet death although

I have seen it a lot because I worked as a doctor for many years.

I don't want to meet people who consider themselves better than others…

I don't want to meet many things… and I always try not to cross

my path with the things that displease me.

15-Who is your emotional supporter?

15-15: My emotional support ares my family, my work, my friends and my convictions.

"At home with his wife and daughters"


16--In your country and your city which piece of art or place of art gives you

a special feeling and takes you away from your busy daily life ? Please describe it .

16-16:Without doubt, for me the best space is the Fine Arts Museum,

there are permanent exhibitions and transitory exhibits and there is always

something new to discover. Another wonderful place in Havana is the Art Factory,

an extraordinary cultural project in which there is theater, visual arts, music concerts ,

all in the same space and with an excellent atmosphere.

The other space that I really like in the city is the Havana Malecon (boardwalk),

which gives you the possibility of standing in front of the sea like If there is nothing behind you.


17-What is the best thing you do daily ?

17-17:Make jokes and smile!

18-How would you best describe yourself and your art ?

18-18: I am optimistic, hard-working, non-conformist, outgoing, sociable,

with a high tolerance for difficulties but obsessive.

My art is diverse and always changing but without lose the essences.

"A college of Ares illustrated books"

19-Would you like to travel to Tabriz?

Imagine one day you wake up and you are in the middle of Tabriz’s Grand Bazaar. what would you do??

19-19:Yes, I would like to know Tabriz. I really enjoy discovering new places,

that experience of knowledge is always a stimulus for my creation,

and many of the things I have done have arisen from those exchanges,

and I enjoy everything, sitting down to have a tea in a place, touch

and buy handicfrafts, see the architecture of the places and talk with

friends about the history and customs of those places including Tabriz!

20-What's your idea about Tabriz cartoon?

20-20:I think that Tabriz cartoon it’s a great project to show

the cartoon art around the world and I respect the professionality of

the people who do that, this is a great reason to answer

you all your questions in this interview, thanks again!





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