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One Of The Bests Cartoon In The World/March,2022
"Master Izabela Kowalska-Wieczorek/Poland"


1-If you had a drawing pen in your hand and could draw a world

the way you wanted what would your world look like ?

1-1:I would present my utopian world as a great green temple of nature, full of beauty,

harmony, love and unfathomable mysteries. For animals it would be a paradise, for children

- a fairy-tale land full of surprises, for young people it would be a place of intriguing adventures,

for adults - a source of joy, inspiration and satisfaction, and for those who depart

- a rainbow gate to the world they believe in.

These are dreams, but our world would be pretty good too if hunger,

poverty, injustice, abuse, intrigue and aggression could be ruled out.


2- Can you describe a full day for us ? how do you start and end your day ?

2-2:My day is devoted to cats and drawing. I usually wake up with a cat near my face, after

unsuccessful attempts to get rid of her, I get up. I usually draw all day long, listening to music,

e-books and news on my computer alternately. In my free time, I go to Facebook or help my husband

in family and household matters. I also work often at night, because then nothing distracts me.


3-How does drawing make you feel ? When you are creating a cartoon does it make you enter a different world ?

3-3:When I focus on drawing, I often "float away" to a different world.

When something or someone interferes with my work, I often feel like I am awake.

4-What was the main reason for doing the cartoon?

4-4:After years of illustrating books for children, I needed a change,

test myself in a different field of art. Mainly thanks to the works of Otto Reisinger,

Adolf Born and Charles Addams, I chose cartoons.

5-Have you ever made anyone angry with your cartoon?

5-5:My political cartoons have received light criticism from a few dissenting people. That's all.


6-According to you what is the funniest cartoon?

6-6: Presenting a serious topic in a comic, absurd way and seasoning everything

with a pinch of black humor is in my opinion the best recipe for a funny cartoon.


7-Is cartoon your income source?

7-7:No, it’s my best hobby. Sometimes I get money-prize which is a nice surprise.

8-Do you agree for your child to be a cartoonist?

8-8:I am very pleased that my daughter Alicja, who is an assistant prophesor

at the university, deals with many fields of art and still finds time for cartoons.

9-How do you find your cartoons subject?

9-9:It is inspired by international cartoon contests with very up-to-date,

or timeless, important subjects. Another source of topics is news from newspapers

and websites, and often funny situations in the immediate vicinity.


10-Would you like to meet which cartoonist?

10-10:I would like to meet all the artists I know from Facebook.

But we live in such "interesting" times and time is running out so

fast that I don't count on meetings in real life.


11-The last time you laughed for what?

11-11:Recently, I was laughing watching Gary Larson's cartoons.

Just like the drawings by Klaus Pitter and Oleg Gustol make me feel better.

12-What is your entertainment?

12-12:Drawing with good music and an e-book, playing with cats,

visiting Facebook, sometimes a movie and a walk.

13-What was the best prize that you got?

13-13: I enjoyed all my 70 awards and honorabe mentions,

but the first prize in the international competition (International "Olive" Contest in Cyprus, 2014),

which I received for the first time, surprised and touched me the most.

14-What do you wish you did not meet?

14-14:All plagues that could destroy us and the whole Earth.

15-Who is your emotional supporter?

15-15:Family and friends.

16--In your country and your city which piece of art or place of art gives you

a special feeling and takes you away from your busy daily life ? Please describe it .

16-16: The power, majesty and architectural perfection of the old castles

make the strongest impression on me and stimulate my imagination.

These objects are like time machines that allow you to break away from

reality and fly back into the ancient times.

17-What is the best thing you do daily ?

17-17:The moment when I can sit down to draw with a cup of hot coffee.

18-How would you best describe yourself and your art ?

18-18:I am an incurable optimist. I firmly believe that cartoons have a special power.

Through memorable, humorous, simple visual messages, satirical drawings can indirectly

contribute to improving our lives and saving the planet by raising awareness

and knocking on consciences. That's what my cartoons are for.

19-Would you like to travel to Tabriz?

19-19:With pleasure. It could be a great adventure

20-Imagine one day you wake up and you are in the middle of Tabriz’s Grand Bazaar. what would you do??

20-20:I would visit the Grand Bazaar and then lie down on a fluffy flying carpet

that would take me to other interesting places in Tabriz and all over Iran.

21-Would you go to cafes to drink some tea or may be interested to go see the hand made rugs ??

21-21:Tea in hand, I would go to see rugs and weavers at work.


22-How does it feel to touch the rugs ? Are they soft like silk or are they rough? what are the pattens and colors on the rugs ?

22-22:It's a great feeling. Recently, I was fortunate to receive hand-woven glim and

gabbeh as awards from Ahmad Reza Sohrabi of Shiraz.

One is soft and the other is rough, both are beautiful. On the internet

   I saw excellent patterns and colors of rugs from the Tabriz's Grand Bazaar.

Those are masterpieces.


23-Or perhaps you would like to drive a little far and go to the El-Goli park

in Tabriz to walk around and enjoy the cool weather in the middle

of the summer! Are you seeing anything interesting at the park ?

23-23:The park by the water is a great place to relax after

visiting Tabriz. Especially in summer.


24-What's your idea about Tabriz cartoon?

24-24:I think Tabriz cartoon is doing great because the spirit of art hovers over Tabriz,

which has a beautiful Caricature Museum and the online Tabriz Cartoon Association,

which organizes competitions and promotes art and artists,

so Tabriz cartoonists are encouraged to develop their passion.

Good luck with your future activities !


25-Speech wanna tell us and do not ever say?

25-25: Dear cartoonists, let us support each other, let us support those

who have been deprived of the right to vote. Despite different views,

we have a lot in common. Let's not get argued and divided by online trolls.

The hybrid war continues.

Many thanks, dear Leila, for inviting me to the interview.

Greetings to the entire TABRIZCATOON team

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