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One Of The Bests Cartoon In The World/April,2022

"Master Damir Novak/Croatia"


1-If you had a drawing pen in your hand and could draw a world

the way you wanted what would your world look like ?

1-1:Fun and playful, on every face there would be only a smile and love for

others and different, because laughter is the best and available medicine for everyone.

2- Can you describe a full day for us ? how do you start and end your day ?

2-2:I am not enslaved to established habits and rules, first

I have breakfast and read the news, then I bring a plan to continue the day,

thinking while walking, drawing, household chores and end the day by drawing.  

3-How does drawing make you feel ? When you are creating a cartoon does it make you enter a different world ?

3-3:Drawing is a holiday for me, I draw in the morning and in the evening,
and by drawing I find myself in a different world.

4-What was the main reason for doing the cartoon?

4-4:Curiosity and creative expression through humor.

5-Have you ever made anyone angry with your cartoon?

5-5:I never intended to anger or offend anyone with my work,

but there were also expressions of dissatisfaction from people who

obviously do not understand caricature and jokes.

6-According to you what is the funniest cartoon?

6-6: Social story, has its own logic, its own rhythm,

internal structure and where the pulse of the common man is felt.

7-Is cartoon your income source?

7-7:Partly yes.

8-Do you agree for your child to be a cartoonist?

8-8:My granddaughter is attending art high school and that makes me happy.

9-How do you find your cartoons subject?

9-9:In the society we live in, everything is actually a caricature, you just have to put it on paper.

10-Would you like to meet which cartoonist?

10-10:I have met many cartoonists and I want to meet many more, without some favorites.


11-The last time you laughed for what?

11-11:I laugh every day at good cartoons, which fortunately there are enough.

12-What is your entertainment?

12-12:My fun is drawing cartoons and walking in nature.

13-What was the best prize that you got?

13-13:I received 90 awards for caricature, but my favorite are the ones chosen by the audience.



14-What do you wish you did not meet?

14-14:War and the horrors of war

15-Who is your emotional supporter?

15-15:Followers of my cartoons and my grandchildren.

16-In your country and your city which piece of art or place of art gives you

a special feeling and takes you away from your busy daily life ? Please describe it .

16-16: Zrinski and Frankopan Castle surrounded by a park of century-old trees

in my city which has been completely restored and has large collections of priceless

works of art. And the very walk through the park around the castle

brings man back to nature and the past

17-What is the best thing you do daily ?

17-17:Drawing cartoons

18-How would you best describe yourself and your art ?

18-18:I draw a cartoons almost every day. It rejuvenates me,

it is my daily therapy and a means of maintaining mental health.

19-Would you like to travel to Tabriz?

19-19:So far, there have been some initiatives for the trip to Tabriz that have not materialized.

20-Imagine one day you wake up and you are in the middle of Tabriz’s Grand Bazaar. what would you do??

20-20:I would be happy to visit the Grand Bazaar all day and buy something.

21-Would you go to cafes to drink some tea or may be interested to go see the hand made rugs ??

21-21:He would drink tea in a cafe with friends

and look at handmade rugs that are also works of art.

22-How does it feel to touch the rugs ? Are they soft like silk or are they rough? what are the pattens and colors on the rugs ?

22-22:I haven't had a chance to touch the rugs,

but I think they are as soft as silk with vivid patterns.

23-Or perhaps you would like to drive a little far and go to the El-Goli park

in Tabriz to walk around and enjoy the cool weather in the middle

of the summer! Are you seeing anything interesting at the park ?

23-23:It is a place of attraction and of course

you would like to walk, explore and enjoy El Goli Park.

24-What's your idea about Tabriz cartoon?

24-24:Iran is a superpower of caricature, and Tabriz is a significant

and important part of caricature in the world.

25-Speech wanna tell us and do not ever say?

25-25:I want all the cartoonists of the world to unite and with their

contribution to change thinking and make politicians aware, because

unpredictable natural disasters do not need war, hatred, inequality and injustice.



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