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Vote For The Winning Ayvalık Municipality Cartoon Contest  /Turkey,2022
Theme:‘Cigarette Butt Free’ AYVALIK
Our country’s beaches, forests, and streets are under a huge assault from cigarette butts.
Some smokers are not only putting their health in danger but also disposing their butts randomly into the environment.
Cigarette butts are plastic and take more than a hundred years to degrade, seriously threaten the natural life.
To draw attention to this threat, ‘Friends of Nature Cartoonists’ organized a “Cigarette butt free Ayvalık’ themed cartoon competition in cooperation with the Ayvalık Municipality and TEMA Foundation.
235 cartoons, 113 artists from 25 countries were prequalified by the organization comitee.
The 41 finalist cartoons from 41 artists will be exhibited at Altinova Kum Ada Beach, 31 August where the public will vote for the winner.
The winners will receive a package of local produce from the Ayvalik Municipality.
We are inviting all lovers of a butt free environment and art lovers to Altinova Beach to cast their vote for the winning cartoon Wednesday 31 August @ between 13:00 – 15:00 hours


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