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Selection Jury of the XXIII International Biennial of Graphic Humor/Cuba,2023
From the Union of Journalists of Cuba, this Thursday, March 23, the jury for the selection of the works that will compete in the XXIII Biennial of Graphic Humorismmet, a meeting that proposes, in this edition, "to laugh at machismo seriously".
The cartoonists Adán Iglesias and Ismael Lema together with the curator of the National Museum of Fine Arts, Yaíma Rodríguez were part of the jury that analyzed more than 1,000 works: more than 100 Cubans and more than 890 foreigners.
After the categories of personal caricature, photography, comics, general humor, political satire, and the Tommy Award for political humor, materials are presented that, from different latitudes and cultures, focus on many topics and, in a special way, question patriarchy as that system. of domination determined to impose a model of masculinity centered on the macho-male-masculine.
According to Adán Iglesias, one of the differences of the Biennial with respect to the previous ones is the low participation of contestants from Latin America among the more than 240 artists who presented themselves from 54 countries.
The meeting, organized by the Circle of Humorists and Cartoonists of the Union of Cuban Journalists, the Museum of Humor and co-sponsored by the Provincial Directorate of Culture of Artemisa will take place from April 9 to 12, 2023.
Selection jury of the XXIII International Biennial of Graphic Humor


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