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At last we did not find the festivals are good or bad. If they are bad why do we hold them? and if they are good why do we deny them? If they are bad and just the press is good so, why do journalist participate in it? and if they are good why do we call their winners mindless, if they are good why don't we care about these medals and badges and ranks, if they are bad why do we accept their judgment and we call their awards in our résumé. Why are the festivals good, just when we hold them but, when we don't hold them they are considered unpleasant. If they are good why do we announce good awards but, after contest we will give few awards, if they are bad why do we hold about 40 festivals in a year? If they are good why do we always say these are custom and related to the state and their purpose is deviation from the original mission of cartoon, if they are bad so, what is AIDS, Gaza, Justice and culture of citizenship, Immigration, Economy, Election, Daesh and hundreds of other social museum in the world. If they are good why shouldn't speak about their glories and if they are bad why do they give us these awards . If they are good why living on the breadline and if they are bad why do we act like this?

Masoud Ziaei Zardkhashoei-FooladShahr


Translate by:Saeideh Azizkhah



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