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Each wise person can recognize the validity of a festival from some of the matters then,determine which

festival is valid and participate in it.

1) History of the festival: Some festivals occur suddenly and they held it difficulty.

2) The awards: Some awards are not hundred dollars for first insult to the artist.

3) Give the awards: Now tens festival continue their holding without give the prize of the prior period.

4) Information:The festival was held in the dark, like a bat and even they don't publish the results in the native language.

5) Book of the festival :Don't have.

6) Jury: The jury that they don't have any history in judgment.

7) Number of participants: They increase the number of participants the lie...875  countries ....believe me there is not this number of country.

8) Participants:Presence the famous names in a pitiful festival is something unbelievable.

9) Publish before judgement:They don't announce the finalists because they can share the prize in any way that they want.

10) Gallery: They have no gallery because they don't want to show quality of the festival.

11) Closing ceremony: The jury and the winners have come together hardly...the number of guests is as the fingers of two hands.

12) Accountability: Keep silent infront of criticism and complaints or if they would be rude just not understand english.

13) The guests: Don't have foreign guests and if they have it's not famous names.

14) Theme: Is free for send the waste work or repetitive.

15) Red stars of FECO.

16) Your judgment.

Anyway in some festivals there is more hypocrisy and indirection and they hold weakly.

Please respect your work and avoid participating in it.At the end share a photo of our festival's closing that I'm lecturing.

Rahim Baghal Asgari-Iran/Tabriz


Translate by:Saeedeh Azizkhah


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