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In recent years,cartoon's ups and downs has been creased.In fact, cartoon lost it's function and has became an art duplicate.

Various festivals has great effect in this area.Authenticity that cartoons had in hundred years ago, is gone.Even in 50 years

ago, the cartoon was reporter and could play a role in social changes.but in the last 20 years gradually transformed into a

decorative art and has seprated out its main enviornment ie the press.Perhaps one of the most important reason is the significant

decrease of press role in audience life,so we can not criticize from cartoonists that for an award or judgment, they work in consistent

with their belifes and values.Most cartoonists are alien to the world of books and knowledge of society and history.Their works perfom

poorly.So,it's better once again be revised the principles of cartoon.Many cartoons are made but,because they didn't have independent

intellectual basis then,they are just imitation of an axiom.Cartoon is nothing but a tool, like a language.So, if we don't have strong belifes,

can not express our words.




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