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Celebrate Of The 30th Anniversary  Museum of Humor"Fene"/Spain 2014


Fene invites the neighborhood to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of his Museum of Humor through exposure "by the face." Mayor Gumersindo Galician highlighted during the exhibition's opening the uniqueness of this museum, authentic reference throughout the national territory.The exhibition was inaugurated yesterday in the exhibition hall of the Culture House attended by President of the Provincial Council of Corunna, Diego Calvo; the Councillor for Culture, Rocio Bértoa; The cartoons Siro López, members of the municipal corporation, institutional representatives, social and cultural life of the region and numerous neighbors.In his speech, the mayor of Fene Gumersindo Galician, emphasized the uniqueness of the Museum of Humor and said that much remains to show, alluding to the large amount of funds that the Museum was reaching these thirty years and will have to be recovering and putting the disposal of cidadanía.Pola turn, the Councillor for Culture, Rocio Bértoa reiterated gratitude County by the collaboration of all the artists who participated both in the exhibition "on face" as the commemorative folder XXX anniversary.


From left to right: Gumersindo Galician Mayor Fene; Siro López, cartoons; Diego Calvo, president of the Provincial Council; Rocio Bértoa, Councillor for Culture Fene; Ana Rodriguez, Mayor of Cerdico.

The president of the Provincial Council, Diego Calvo, delivered to the mayor Fene Gumersindo Galician, a memorial plaza by the thirtieth anniversary of the Museum of Humor Fene

Siro López, cartoons and co-founder (along with Marin Xaquín) of the Museum of Humor Fene; Almudena Marcos, coordinator of the Museum of Humor Fene



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