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Results Of The International Cartoon Contest "DMV Math Cartoon Prize"/ Germany.,2022

 174 cartoonists submitted 511 works to the competition.

 Award ceremony in Berlin on September 13, 2022.

 Organizers of the competition on the occasion of "International Mathematics Day 2022": German Mathematical Society.

 The jury composed of:

 Prof.  Dr.  Günter M. ZIEGLER

 Dr.  Stefan MÜHLHOFER

 Dr.  Anna Maria HARTKOPF

 Dr.  Andreas MATT



 1st Prize (EUR 1000):

 Katharina GREVE, "Penrose-Treppe"


 2nd Prize (EUR 500):

 Rudolf Perez & Georg K. Berres,



 3rd Prize (EUR 250):

 Roberto CASTILLO, "Spiral Logarithmica"

Honorary awards (6 works) (100 euros each):


  - Salar Eshratkhah, "Educational".



  - Laura Jane Morphett, "The Mathematical Murders"




  - Michael Lemler, "Rechnen mit einer

  Bey Conanton


  - Didi Sri Vidyanto, "Mathematics Student"


  - Lennart FINKE, "Der Integritätsring"


  - Rainer DEMATTIO, "Winzige Kuh"


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