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Results Of 29th.International CALICOMIX Festival/Colombia,2022
The Calicomix Foundation thanks the judges of the International Competition with the theme "Species in Endangered" for the detailed analysis of the participating works of 386 artists, from 57 countries, a task that determined the selection of the top 3 ob ras and 8 honourable mentions.
A specialized jury made up of festival directors in Colombia: Patricia Patiño Yepes of the Calibélula Cine Festival, Camilo Triana Cubillos of Noticatun Colombia, Fernando Hincapié (Pica) of the Ricardo Rendón de Riongro Festival (Ant ioquia) and Nelson Zuluaga of the Comics Without Borders Festival gave the following artists as winners:
SECOND PRIZE: Carlos Mauricio Palacios - COLOMBIA
Hamid Ghalijari - IRAN
Diego Fdo. Mendez - COLOMBIA
Izabela Kowalska - POLAND
Cesar González - COLOMBIA
Brady Left - CUBA
Amen Alhabarah - Arabia Saudita
Dai Peicheng – CHINA
Lucia Parra - COLOMBIA
Congratulations to the winners and all the creators of the 886 works who participated in this graphic sample dedicated to the environment and Mexican creators Jose Guadalupe Posada and Pedro Linares.
To the sponsors: The Creative Band, the Mixed Fund for the Promotion of Culture and Arts of the Valley del Cauca, the Departmental Library Jorge Garces Borrero and the Cosmocentro Mall of Cali and the Secretary of Culture of the Government n del Valle del Cauca, thank you very much for believing in our project and support it.
Let's enjoy the winning works, in the month of October we will be disseminating a selection of participating works in a virtual catalogue with information about the activities developed in the 29 International Calicomix Festival 2022.
Thank you very much everyone.


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