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The Results Of International Cartoon and Illustration Exhibition on a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind 2022 /CHINA

International Cartoon and Illustration Exhibition on a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind 2022
Announcement of winning works
The International Cartoon and Illustration Exhibition on a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind 2022 Organizing Committee hereby announces the selection results of the exhibition. This exhibition with the theme of "Low-carbon Living" has chosen a total of 117 proposed works to be awarded, including 1 Gold Prize, 2 Silver Prizes, 3 Bronze Prizes, 10 Outstanding Prizes, 100 Shortlisted Prizes, and 1 Popularity Prize (automatically generated by online voting).
The publicity period is from October 21st to October 30th. During this period, everyone can express their opinions, conduct supervision and comment on the selection results through email. The Organizing Committee will verify and deal with relevant reports seriously. When the publicity period ends, the Organizing Committee will officially announce the final results of the award.
电子邮箱Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
金奖Gold Prize:张威莽 Zhang Weimang 中国China 《生生不息》Life and growth in nature
银奖1 Silver Prize 1:C.B. Shibu Cheriapadath Balan  印度 India 《THE TREE》
银奖2 Silver Prize 2:周作利 Zhou Zuoli 中国 China 《消失》Disappear
铜奖1 Bronze Prize 1:Izabela Kowalska-Wieczorek  波兰 Poland 《Fairy-tale》
铜奖2 Bronze Prize 2:刘佳佳 Liu Jiajia 中国 China 《梦归处·人类命运共同体》 Home of the Dream·Community with a Shared Future for Mankind
铜奖3 Bronze Prize 3:谢鹏祯 Xie Pengzhen 中国 China《无助》Helpless
优秀奖1 Outstanding Prize 1: Silvano Mello  巴西 Brazil 《Reforestation》
优秀奖2 Outstanding Prize 2:Miguel Morales Madrigal  古巴 Cuba 《Time bomb》
优秀奖3 Outstanding Prize 3:Angel Boligán Corbo  墨西哥 Mexico 《ECOCIDE》
优秀奖4 Outstanding Prize 4:杨小沛 Yang Xiaopei 中国 China 《林中游梦》Dream in the woods(组图)Group Work
优秀奖5 Outstanding Prize 5:Engin Selçuk  土耳其 Türkiye 《The ladder to heaven》
优秀奖6 Outstanding Prize6: Fernando Hincaplé Echeverri Luis  哥伦比亚 Colombia 《OCEANS ARE IN OUR HANDS》
优秀奖7 Outstanding Prize 7: Gerald Peigneux  法国France 《BIRDS SONG》
优秀奖8 Outstanding Prize 8:王凯新 Wang Kaixin 中国 China 《过马路》Crossing the road
优秀奖9 Outstanding Prize 9:朱文宇 Zhu Wenyu  中国China《回归》Return
优秀奖10 Outstanding Prize 10: Seyran Nasirov  阿塞拜疆 Azerbaijan 《Destruction of Nature》
最高人气奖 :Popularity Prize 莫绮珍 Mo Qizhen 中国 China 《万物复苏》Rebirth
入围奖1 Shortlisted Prize 001:Kaan Saatci  土耳其 Türkiye  《Factory》
入围奖2  Shortlisted Prize 002:Musa Gumus   土耳其 Türkiye《Three Clouds》
入围奖3 Shortlisted Prize 003:Izabela Kowalska-Wieczorek  波兰 Poland 《Old buddies》
入围奖4 Shortlisted Prize 004:张世浩 Zhang Shihao 中国 China 《车轮上的故事》stories on wheels
入围奖5 Shortlisted Prize 005:郝延鹏 Hao Yanpeng 中国 China 《海洋之殇》Death of the Sea
入围奖6 Shortlisted Prize 006: Keyvan Varesi 伊朗 Iran 《poison planet and family》
入围奖7 Shortlisted Prize 007: Dostmohamad Fakhredin 伊朗 Iran  《water pollution》
入围奖8 Shortlisted Prize 008:Dubovskyi Olexander 乌克兰Ukraine 《climate change》
入围奖9 Shortlisted Prize 009:刘强 Liu Qiang 中国 China 《巨大大垃圾》Huge garbage
入围奖10 Shortlisted Prize 010:杨多艺 Yang Duoyi 中国 China 《空间不足》Not enough space
入围奖11 Shortlisted Prize 011:Dostmohamad Fakhredin 伊朗 Iran 《Dependence of industry and nature》
入围奖12 Shortlisted Prize 012:王成喜 Wang Chengxi 中国 China 《呼救》Call for help
入围奖13 Shortlisted Prize 013:孙申影 Sun Shenying 中国 China 《代价》Cost
入围奖14 Shortlisted Prize014:Sergey Sichenko 以色列 《Flood》
入围奖15 Shortlisted Prize 015:叶王洁 Ye Wangjie 中国 China 《“自能”家园》Self-generating home
入围奖16 Shortlisted Prize 016:刘强Liu Qiang 中国 China 《最后一滴水》The last drop of water
入围奖17 Shortlisted Prize 017:苏凝 Su Ning 中国 China 《“现代”家园》"Modern" Home
入围奖18 Shortlisted Prize 018: Musa Gumus   土耳其 Türkiye 《Smoke Hunter》
入围奖19 Shortlisted Prize019:Kemal Ozyurt  土耳其 Türkiye 《No-Frost》
入围奖20 Shortlisted Prize 020: Gerald Peigneux  法国 France 《ON THE ROAD OF SCHOOL》
入围奖21 Shortlisted Prize 021:Santiago Cornejo 阿根廷Argentina  《The revenge of the birds》
入围奖22 Shortlisted Prize 022:樊晓珺 Fan Xiaojun 中国 China 《点亮共同的家园》Light up the common home
入围奖23 Shortlisted Prize 023:叶然 Ye Ran中国 China 《人与自然和谐相处》Man and nature in harmony
入围奖24 Shortlisted Prize 024:李佳颖Li Jiaying 中国China 《相遇》Meet
入围奖25 Shortlisted Prize 025:Heibat Ahmadi  伊朗 Iran 《to save》
入围奖26 Shortlisted Prize 026:Dostmohamad Fakhredin 伊朗 Iran 《Water meter trees》
入围奖27 Shortlisted Prize 027:周作利 Zhou Zuoli 中国 China《SAVE GREEN》
入围奖28 Shortlisted Prize 028:Miguel Morales Madrigal 古巴 Cuba 《Karma》
入围奖29 Shortlisted Prize 029:其格其 Qi geqi  中国 China 《电量不足》Low battery
入围奖30 Shortlisted Prize 030:李祺隆 Li Qilong 中国 China 《迷路》Get lost
入围奖31 Shortlisted Prize 031:Elham khoshanjam 伊朗 Iran 《untitled》
入围奖32 Shortlisted Prize 032:杨多艺 Yang Duoyi 中国 China 《吞 噬》Devour
入围奖33 Shortlisted Prize 033:Stankovski Vladimir 塞尔维亚 Serbia 《Treeffic》
入围奖34 Shortlisted Prize 034:闫新越 Yan Xinyue 中国 China 《宋味大足·舌尖上的二十四节气》The sense of Song Dynasty · Twenty-four solar terms on the tip of the tongue
入围奖35 Shortlisted Prize 035:魏强 Wei Qiang 中国 China 《消失的绿色》Disappearing green
入围奖36 Shortlisted Prize 036:孙宝欣 Sun Baoxin 中国 China 《乞讨》Beg
入围奖37 Shortlisted Prize 037: Mohammadali Khalaji  伊朗 Iran 《Tree and birds》
入围奖38 Shortlisted Prize 038:Listes Nikola  克罗地亚Croatia 《Green City》
入围奖39 Shortlisted Prize 039:张红彦 Zhang Hongyan 中国 China 《杀手》Killer
入围奖40 Shortlisted Prize 040:曹方婷 Cao Fangting 中国 China 《绿色出行:骑出美好自然》Green travel: ride out of the beautiful nature
入围奖41 Shortlisted Prize 041:Gerald Peigneux  法国France 《OXYGENE》
入围奖42 Shortlisted Prize 042: Keyvan Varesi  伊朗 Iran  《global warming》
入围奖43 Shortlisted Prize 043:Miguel Morales Madrigal 古巴 Cuba 《Life and death game》
入围奖44 Shortlisted Prize 044:Seyran Nasirov  阿塞拜疆 Azerbaijan 《Climate Change》
入围奖45 Shortlisted Prize 045:许日升Xu Risheng 中国 China 《旋律》Melody
入围奖46 Shortlisted Prize 046:高雪 Gao Xue 中国 China 《THE SEA WORLD》
入围奖47 Shortlisted Prize 047:方喜节 Fang Xijie  中国 China 《保护海洋,和谐共生》Protect the ocean and live in harmony
入围奖48 Shortlisted Prize 048:Seyed Ali Miraee  伊朗 Iran 《killers of nature》
入围奖49 Shortlisted Prize 049:郑志辉 Zheng Zhihui 中国 China 《自然之歌》The song of nature
入围奖50 Shortlisted Prize 050:Saeed Sadeghi Naghdali 伊朗 Iran 《Protect》
入围奖51 Shortlisted Prize 051:安然 An Ran  中国 China 共生——《大地之爱》Symbiosis - "Love of the Earth"
入围奖52 Shortlisted Prize 052:张立军 Zhang Lijun 中国 China 《足迹》Footprint
入围奖53 Shortlisted Prize 053:Musa Gumus   土耳其 Türkiye《Monster Food》
入围奖54 Shortlisted Prize 054:崔世琪 Xue Shiqi 中国 China 《低碳生活  绿色出行》Low carbon life Green travel
入围奖55 Shortlisted Prize 055:耿健 Geng Jian  中国 China 《飞驰而过》Fly by
入围奖56 Shortlisted Prize 056:刘艳菲 Liu Yanfei 中国 China 《自然复苏缺少不了你我他》Natural recovery cannot be without you, me and him or her
入围奖57 Shortlisted Prize 057:徐晓燕Xu Xiaoyan 中国 China 《低碳生活》Low carbon life
入围奖58 Shortlisted Prize 058:(组图)Group Work周作利 Zhou zuoli中国 China《THE LAST WATER SOURCE》
入围奖59 Shortlisted Prize 059:章屹 Zhang Yi 中国 China 《夜,不止一种繁华;世界,不只人类自己》Night, more than one kind of prosperity; The world, not only human beings
入围奖60  Shortlisted Prize 060:Seyran Nasirov   阿塞拜疆 Azerbaijan 《Environment》
入围奖61 Shortlisted Prize 061:郭烨明 Guo Huaming中国China 《New Green World新绿世界》
入围奖62 Shortlisted Prize 062:Katz Ilya  以色列  《Green food》
入围奖63 Shortlisted Prize 063:王舒怡 Wang Shuyi 中国 China 《共生》Symbiosis
入围奖64 Shortlisted Prize 064: David Hafez  美国 United States of America 《polar ices are vanishing》
入围奖65 Shortlisted Prize 065:Saman  Souli Mohammad  伊朗 Iran 《free carbon world》
入围奖66 Shortlisted Prize 066: 何嘉铭 He Jiaming  中国 China 《保护海洋》Protect the ocean
入围奖67 Shortlisted Prize 067:陈家欣CHAN KA IAN, VANDA 中国 China 《真实还是死物的体验 - 01 博物馆》Real or Dead Experience - 01 Museum
入围奖68 Shortlisted Prize 068:曾诗丹 Zeng Shidan  中国 China 《与森林一起骑行的一天》A day of riding with the forest
入围奖69 Shortlisted Prize 069:宝乌英嘎 Bao Wu Ying Ga中国China 《看皮影戏》Watching shadow play
入围奖70 Shortlisted Prize 070:夏文君 Xia Wenjun 中国 China 《低碳环保和谐共生》Low carbon environmental protection  harmonious coexistence
入围奖71 Shortlisted Prize 071:Seyed Ali Miraee  伊朗 Iran 《Renewable and alternative energy》
入围奖72 Shortlisted Prize 072:王梦莎 Wang Mengsha 中国 China 《人与自然》Human and Nature
入围奖73 Shortlisted Prize 073:杨玲茹 Yang Lingru 中国 China 《海洋污染》Ocean pollution
入围奖74 Shortlisted Prize 074:潘琳琳Pan Linlin 中国 China 《护碧波十里,盼百鸟来栖》Protect the blue waves for ten miles, hope that the birds will come to live
入围奖75 Shortlisted Prize 075: Wesam Khalil  埃及 Egypt 《global warming》
入围奖76 Shortlisted Prize 076:李金灿 Li Jincan 中国 China 《共生绘荣》Symbiosis depicts prosperity
入围奖77 Shortlisted Prize 077:Santiago Cornejo 阿根廷 Argentina  《the mark of Low Carbon life vs Carbon life》
入围奖78 Shortlisted Prize 078:Hassan Omidi 伊朗 Iran 《No》
入围奖79 Shortlisted Prize 079:刘强 Liu Qiang 中国 China  《低碳减排》Low carbon emission reduction
入围奖80 Shortlisted Prize 080:于童 Yu Tong 中国 China 《修守》Training and protection
入围奖81 Shortlisted Prize 081:何彪 He Biao中国 China 《瞳真》Hitomi of innocence
入围奖82 Shortlisted Prize 082:戴继斌 Dai Jibin 中国 China 《吃不消》Can't bear it
入围奖83 Shortlisted Prize 083:徐益珊 Xu Yishan,柴雨薇 Chai Yuwei 中国 China 《“天光人影共徘徊”》The sky and the shadows linger together
入围奖84 Shortlisted Prize 084:刘泓嘉 Liu Hongjia 中国 China 《所思·所梦》Thinking and dreaming
入围奖85 Shortlisted Prize 085:邱依依 Qiu Yiyi 中国 China 《与“她”共舞》Dance with "her"
入围奖86 Shortlisted Prize 086:邝祖海Kuang Zuhai 中国China 《喂对了才健康》Feeding right is healthy
入围奖87 Shortlisted Prize 087:李莉 Li Li 中国 China 《地球之友》Friend of the earth
入围奖88 Shortlisted Prize 088:Stankovski Vladimir 塞尔维亚 Serbia 《Sizif Towing》
入围奖89 Shortlisted Prize 089:蔚少颖 Wei Shaoying 中国 China 《人与自然共奏和谐》 Harmony between man and nature
入围奖90 Shortlisted Prize 090:韩靖雯Han Jingwen 中国China 《共生》Symbiosis
入围奖91 Shortlisted Prize 091:邝祖海Kuang Zuhai 中国China 《家园》Home
入围奖92 Shortlisted Prize 092:陈虹均 Chen Hongjun 中国台湾 Chinese Taiwan 《清倒废纸篓》Empty the trashcan
入围奖93 Shortlisted Prize 093: Naser Nargessi 伊朗 Iran 《Tragic Mutation》
入围奖94 Shortlisted Prize 094:黄京武 Huang Jingwu 中国 China 《削苹果》peel apple
入围奖95 Shortlisted Prize 095:刘宗道 Liu Zongdao  中国 China 《和谐图》Harmonious picture
入围奖96 Shortlisted Prize 096:范帆Fan Fan  中国China 《与你常在》Always with you
入围奖97 Shortlisted Prize 097:蔡沅希 Cai yuanxi 中国 China 《知心》Intimate heart
入围奖98 Shortlisted Prize 098:赵洁 Zhao Jie 中国 China 《和谐地球》Harmony Earth
入围奖99 Shortlisted Prize 099:李步一 Li Buyi 中国 China 《水的记忆》The memory of water
入围奖100 Shortlisted Prize 100:赵斌 Zhao Bin 中国 China 《绿色畅想》Green imagination

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