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Open online voting "Internet Prize" Of 14th SALÃO DE HUMOR HUMANA SAÚDE/BRAZIL,2022
To vote, you must provide your name and email.
You will receive a message in the email to confirm your vote.
Votes not confirmed by email will not be valid!
Only one vote per person is allowed in only one illustration.
Therefore, it is important to provide a valid email.
List OF Finalists For Vote:
Elias Ramires Monteiro/Brasil
Ulisses José/Brasil
Santiago Neltair/Brasil
Efat Amjadipoor/Irã
José Miguel Pires Júnior/Brasil
Asier Sanz/Espanha
Dina Abdelgawad Shosha/Egito
Emerson da Costa Coelho Júnior/Brasil
Raimundo Rucke dos Santos Souza/Brasil
Esther Manuella de Castro Oliveira/Brasil
Burak Ergin/Turquia
Silvano Mello/Brasil

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