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Winners Of The 31st.International Festival of Humor & Satire "GOLDEN HELMET" /Poland,2023 

a) LIFE for cartoon and written form
b) FREE TOPIC for young people up to 18 years old
a) Cartoon
b) Written form (story, poem, aphorism)
c) For young people up to 18 years old
cartoon, comic, short funny and humorous video
form and written form (satirical story, poem or aphorism).
Cartoon and written form (story, poem and aphorism).
Total: 284 authors (227 cartoonists and 57 authors for written form) from 44 countries of the world submitted 639 cartoons, 40 stories, 34 poems and 767 aphorisms.
Young people sent 269 cartoons, 51 comics, 4 stories and 1 song.
a) For cartoons and for young people up to 18 years old.
1. Muhamed Đerlek, president
2. Mileta Miloradović, member
3. BranislavMiljković, member
b) For written form and for young people up to 18 years of age.
1. Darko Mihajlović, president
2. Dragiša Pavlović Rasinski, member
3. Slobodan Simić, member
a) For the cartoon:
b) Written Form:
The golden helmet for the written form (story, poem, aphorism) is Saša Miletić from Kruševac for the aphorism: "And the workers are dripping." But you don't live by sweat.'', code: ,,Casablanca''.
"Rade Brka" award for the story "Life in the unusual village of D.", codenamed "Vektor", authored by Đokica Miljković from Novi Selo.
- for the aphorism, the winner was Zoran Đurović, from Vršac, under the code "Optimist".
- for the song "And I still go on foot" the winner was Aleksandar Kocić from Aleksinac, under the code "Pedestrian".
- for the story "Bolji život", the winner was Tomislav Drvar from Sombor, under the code "Junk".
v) Competition for young people up to 18 years of age:
- Award for caricature: Victoria Gurkova from Bulgaria.
- The prize for the written form (satirical story, poem or aphorism) and the Zlazna caciga plaque went to Dušan Nestorović of Vasa Čarapić Primary School Beli Potok for the story Kraljević Marko almost for the third time among Serbs, under the code "Cherry Boy 8".
= Award for comics: Milica Milosavljević from Belgrade.


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