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The List Of Selected For The Lipstick, Pencil & PMS 2023/Brazil
The list of selected for the Lipstick, Pencil & PMS 2023 show is out! In all, 72 works by 33 artists will be on display.
Alicja Wieczorek – Poland
Carol Ito – Brazil
Caroline Leal – Brazil
Deborah Denise – Brazil
Diliana Nikoloca – Bulgaria
Dina Abdelgawad Shosha – Egypt
Evelin Debei – Brazil
Fabi Menassi and Thina Curtis – Brazil
Fernanda Nepomuceno – Brazil
Gracia Nepomuceno – Brazil
Iasmin Pedro – Brazil
Damascene Iliad – Brazil
Isabela Progete Casarim – Brazil
Ivy Andrade – Brazil
Jhulia Matos – Brazil
Ju Toyo – Brazil
Karen Fagundes Carvalho – Brazil
Keti Radevska – Macedonia
Laura Lopes Reis Polizel Araujo – Brazil
Lu Vieira – Brazil Marcia Okida – Brazil
Marigrazia Quaranta – Gió – Italy
Marzieh Khanizadeh Abyaneh – Iran
Maya Tcholakova – Bulgaria
Monica Fuchshuber – Brazil
Rosana Amorim – Brazil
Sandra Lodi – Spain
Sepideh Aghaei – Iran
Synnove Hilkner – Brazil
Thais Linhares – Brazil
Thaly Lima – Brazil
Veronica Saiki – Brazil
Yalda Hasheminezhad – Iran
There were 140 works by 40 artists entered, from 8 countries.
“Batom, Lápis & TPM is already a consolidated exhibition, with more than ten years of realization, and it was created precisely with the purpose of highlighting the arts produced by women, without excluding any. Our intention is to stimulate artistic production and offer space to Brazilian and foreign amateur or professional artists”, said the director of the Salon, Junior Kadeshi.
The exhibition can be seen from March 19th (Sunday) at Casa do Povoador, located on Avenida Beira Rio, s/n – Centro, from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm, and on Sundays, from 1 pm at 5 pm. Free entrance.


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