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Winners Of "CIK Damadian" 3rd Cartoon and Epigram Festival 2023 Botosani/ Romania,2023
Union of Armenians in Romania, Botosani branch announces the winners of the festival of caricatures and epigrams "CIK Damadian", 3rd edition, Botosani 2023.
The motto of the festival "Armenians from Ararat to the Carpathians..."
The participants were 67 competitors, from Romania and 20 other countries from several continents.
In the caricatures category, the winners were:
1st prize: Walter Toscano (Peru)
2nd Prize: Nastase Leonte (Constanta)
3rd Prize: Zoran Tovirac (Serbia)
Mention: Basireh Hasani Shariat Panahi (Iran)
In the epigrams category, the winners were:
1st prize: Balici Gheorghe (Rep. of Moldova)
2nd Prize: Eftimie George (Buzau)
3rd Prize: Moldovan Constantin (Suceava)
Mention: Cotul Grigore (Bistrita)


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