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Result Of The 5th International "Turhan Selcuk" Cartoon Contest/Turkey 2015

Milas Municipality, organized by the International Turhan Selçuk Caricature Contest 5th time this year from 36 different countries, 230 cartoonists joined 780 works.
Milas Milas Municipality born by world famous cartoonist Turhan Selçuk, and launched on behalf of organized 5th time this year by the jury determined the winners of the contest awards in the meeting held on May 16, 2015, respectively. According to this;
The winning cartoonists:
Cumhuriyet Newspaper Special Award: Sasha Dimitrijevic (Serbia)
Milas Chamber of Commerce and Industry Special Award: Kazanevsky Vladimir (UKRAINE)
Scrikss Special Award: Masoud ZİAE the ZARDKHASHOE (Iran)
Milas Artists Association Special Award: Konstantin KAZANCHEV (UKRAINE)
Mugla Cycling Association Special Award: Andrea Pecchia (ITALY)
TÜKİD All Stationer Association Special Award Special Award: Ehsan Ganji (Iran)In the competition jury member Milas Mayor Muhammet Tokat, Kamil Masaracı Cartoonist Cartoonist Rashid Collar, Lucuh cartoonist Xia (China), Cartoonist Serpil Snow did. General Coordinator of the competition Kamil Masaracı, Consulting the Izel Rozental, Chief of the Coordination Salim The event was organized by Meet. In one day before the jury meeting, Mr. guest of honor at the Caricature House with the participation of the Spirit Selcuk 5th Anniversary Turhan Selçuk bust of opening and 30 Turhan from cartoonists Selcuk cartoons was the exhibition opening.
Competition while attending the 89 artists from Turkey, Iran among the countries with the highest participation abroad 34, Serbia 19, Romania 17 karikatüristl shared the first three places.
The award ceremony 12.09. To be held in 2015, 1.'y 3,000 dollars, 2,000 dollars and step 3. 2.'y 1,000 dollar prize money given, to find the owner of a special prize. On the same day, and the exhibition of the award-winning cartoon Turhan Selçuk Caricature exhibition opening will be held in the house. The exhibition will be open until 09/30/2015. 




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