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Results Of The The Cartoon Contest for children and youth / Kazan / Tatarstan 2015

Movie and sports

cartoonsAugust 8 in the Kazan entertainment complex "Riviera" summed up the contest of children's cartoons "Vysёlaya Tower."

250 young artists from Russia, Bangladesh, Morocco, Turkey and Iran sent their works dedicated

to the cinema and sporting Championship Cup FINA Kazan.

The award ceremony was carried out in the form of unusual voyage, he began with the words of the two championships "Captain" - First Deputy

Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan Khalil Shaikhutdinov.

"We are fortunate that Kazan takes such high competition. Our beautiful city of great opportunities,"

- he stressed.The strict jury, composed of members of the Section cartoons Union of Artists of Republic Tatarstan:

Chairman - Vyacheslav Bibisheva, as well as Asimov II, FA Vakhitova Gataullina RR, Khakimov Z.Z, choose 5 winners.

They were - Shakirov Fatih Salimov Samad, Tyrykina Il Husainov Rashat (all Russia),

Daglarym Umut Ayransioglu (Turkey).

Prizes young talents handed the deputy head of the faction "United Russia" in the State Council of the Republic of

Tatarstan Anastasia Isayev, the deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tajikistan Olga Pavlova,

chief editor of "Chayan" Rafael Haliullov, chief editor of the children's magazine "Drinking bout"

Aydar Gimadeev and chairman of the Union of Artists of RT Zufar Gimaev.

Chairman of the jury cartoonist Vyacheslav Bibish handed the prize to the representative of the Consulate

General of the Republic of Turkey in Kazan for an artist from Turkey Umut Daglarym Ayransioglu.

The guests expressed their gratitude to teachers of children's art schools.

"It is symbolic that today we celebrate our talented children, - said Anastasia Isaeva.

- They have an amazing quality - to take life with humor." Renowned actor Alexei Vorobyov,

representing the 33 th World Championship final the sports film and television picture "Get up and beysya"

also praised the work of the contestants.

He admitted that the show is beautiful, and wished the children good luck in creative endeavors

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