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Invitation EU To All Of The World Cartoonists "NO TO WAR"/Bulgaria,2022

To all artists, professionals and amateurs,
to all my colleagues, students, students and people who love peace love and draw
Dear colleagues,
In a time of violence against the peaceful people,

when the shadow of total war over Europe with the preparation of

nuclear weapons, when the shadows of Mordor crawl into their fear,

the slopes of the anti-human, forced by the dictator's push inthe back,

to shoot summer against their brothers in the 21st century,

ready to threaten life in the whole world.

Let the whole democratic world come out and say in a loud and clear voice:

"NO TO WAR" -------------------------------------------------
The open letter - an invitation has been sent to the whole world of art.

Let us, the Bulgarians in every city of the country, come to the squares all artists, each

with a drawing-poster, together with all colleagues in the world, say "NO TO THE WAR".

This will happen one day - on March 10, 2022 from 17:00 o'clock.
In Sofia, we will gather in front of the NDK pylon.

I ask everyone to wear a candle for the victims of the war,

for the victims on both sides of the front.
God give peace to their souls.
Please forward and invite your colleagues from organizations, universities and schools.
you can also use drawings from sites:
Caricature Section, SBH 01.03.2022
Sofia, Bulgaria, EU, The World


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