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Global Healthcare Illustration Awards/England,2022
Inspired and managed by Eradigm Consulting, a global healthcare consultancy, in collaboration with The Association of Illustrators, the competition seeks to attract and celebrate the best healthcare related images created by illustrators the world over, providing greater exposure for those who bring key topics relating to our ever-changing healthcare landscape to life.
The Award invites entries from emerging and established illustrators from around the world in all and any topics related to healthcare including:
• food and nutrition
• drug addiction
• infection diseases
• mental health
• disability
• exercise and sport
• digital health
• pharmaceutical innovation
• disease prevention
• sexual and reproductive health
• water and sanitation
• healthcare delivery
The aim of GHIA is to capture and celebrate all and any contributions made by the illustration community to all of those matters that relate to the promotion and preservation of life across our global communities.
Entries will be accepted from 18 May until 15 August 2022.
A distinguished jury chaired by award winning illustrator Luca D’Urbino will award the following three honours and associated cash prizes:
Gold: £3000
Silver: £2000
Bronze: £1000
50 shortlisted entries and the winners will be exhibited in the London offices of Eradigm Consulting in November 2022.
Please email the organisers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any queries.


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