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13th Americas Latino Ecofestival,Colorado/ United States,2023
Attention all cartoonists in the world!
We are excited to launch this global call to spark your creativity and artistic prowess. That’s why we extend a cordial invitation to participate in our exciting cartoon room with the theme “The Giving Tree” | “El Arbol Generoso” that will take place within the 13th Americas Latino Ecofestival, to take place in Denver, Colorado, United States from October 19 to 22, 2023.
Through your ingenious strokes and sharp perception, we want you to explore the subject of trees from surprising and unique perspectives.
Your cartoons have the power to inspire awareness and respect for nature. Trees are symbols of life, connection with nature and sustainability. So we invite you to capture your unique vision through your ingenious strokes.
Below are the rules of participation:
THEME: The Giving Tree
SIZE AND FORMAT: A3, JPG at 300 dpi.
MAXIMUM: 3 works per artist.
A jury made up of renowned cartoonists will evaluate the works that will later be exhibited in (enter the specific place where the exhibition will be mounted, with the opening date and time) as part of the 13th Americas Latino Ecofestival.
The final list will be announced through the social networks of the event.
The works may have participated in previous competitions, regardless of whether they have been awarded or not.
Each selected artist will receive a recognition and a digital catalog to her email.
It is important to know that after the event, this exhibition will travel in an itinerant way to (insert the places and approximate dates) Your works must be sent before the deadline to the following email address:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The drawings must also be accompanied by the following information:
Name and surname,
Country of residence



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