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3rd.International Cartoon Exhibition "ZEGEBOOM"/Croatia,2023

After the themes EARTHQUAKE (2021) and CROWD (2022), this year’s theme is IDEAL CITY. All over the planet, people are increasingly clustering in cities where they find their happiness or unhappiness. By setting up this topic, we want to see what kind of ideal city authors from all over the world imagine (or live in).

Accordingly, the Trešnjevka Cultural Center has decided to search for the ideal city and is announcing an international competition for a cartoon exhibition!

Applications for the competition are open from October 1 to November 5, 2023, and EVERYONE interested can apply – regardless of experience, age, gender, religion, nationality or any other (more or less important) characteristic of the author. Authors can submit 1-3 “silent” cartoons (without words!), following the proposals of the competition and responding in their own unique and creative way to the given topic: IDEAL CITY. Upon completion of the application, the expert jury will select the best among the submitted works and will publish a catalog of the selected works. The best three cartoons will additionally deserve valuable prizes! Regardless of the voting results, all participants will receive a certificate of participation, and their selected cartoons will be published in the 3rd ZeGeBOOM! catalog. As every year, we will allow the public to choose one work they like the most! Online voting will be available worldwide and open from November 15th to November 30th, 2023, and the entry that wins first place according to audience votes will also be awarded! The best cartoons will be exhibited from December 4 to December 31, 2023 in the Small Gallery of the Trešnjevka Culture Center, and all other submitted works will be available online – because we always aim to enable EVERYONE to enjoy the Art of Cartoons. 


  • Call/acceptance of works: 10 October – 5 November 2023
  • Selection and voting by the expert jury, preparation of the catalog of all authors: 6 November – 14 November 2023
  • Online public voting (e-catalog with all authors): 15 November – 30 November 2023
  • Publication of results (e-catalogue with selected and awarded authors): until 3 December 2023.
  • Exhibition in the Small Gallery (Trešnjevka Cultural Center, Park Stara Trešnjevka 1, HR 10110 Zagreb, Croatia): 4 – 31 December 2023
  • Delivery of certificates and awards: by the end of 2023

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This year’s theme of the competition was elaborated and described by the exhibition selector, art critic M.Sc. sc. Branka Hlevnjak:


What does an ideal city look like in the eyes of the cartoonists?
Is it a city where all the inns and cafes are free, but the traffic jams are not
Is it a city where people return to the old customs with which they achieve peace and security
which relaxes?
In an ideal city, is WIFI guaranteed in every place without disconnection i
no passwords to unlock?
Is it an open city with playgrounds for all recreationists of all sports and creative
workshops for all ages and genders for free?
An ideal city is perhaps permanently sunny with an ideal temperature, a breeze at will?
Is it a city of parks and flowers, a city of civil society that cooperates with each other?
An ideal city is a city of pleasant music, beautiful girls and young men, a city of optimists and
a dancer. In an ideal city, everyone knows each other and greets them warmly.
In an ideal city, everyone does their job responsibly. And everyone is busy. Pensioners
Is the ideal city just a fiction of some fun computer game?
Finally, the ideal city must surely be a city of fun and laughter. They rule in it
cartoonists, because only they see reality clearly and can point the way without words
qualitative change.

Branka Hlevnjak


The exhibition is open to all authors regardless of nationality, age, gender, religion, experience or profession.


You can participate exclusively by sending and filling out the official application form, which you should submit within the given deadline – along with an attachment of your cartoon (or cartoons).

Cartoons received in any other way, or cartoons received without a completed application form, will not be accepted.


Application forms can be filled in Croatian or English language.

Click below to access:


  • 1 – 3 caricatures WITHOUT WORDS
  • The work(s) may have been previously published, exhibited and awarded at other competitions.
  • Format: A4 (210×297 mm), RGB, JPEG, 300 dpi, high resolution, maximum 10MB in size


Exhibition selector, art critic M.Sc. sc. Branka Hlevnjak, selects 1 work from each author.


Expert jury:

  • Project manager: Ph.D. Ivan Hromatko
  • Exhibition selector: M.Sc. sc. Branka Hlevnjak, art critic
  • Professional associate: Dragutin Dado Kovačević, academic painter/graphic artist / ARTour

+ AUDIENCE CHOICE: Public online voting via the official voting form:

  • You can vote for the best works from 15 to 30 November 2023. via a short online form:
    • VOTING FORM (open until midnight on November 30, 2023) – will be available from November 15, 2023

4-31 December 2023: Small Gallery of the Trešnjevka Cultural Center On-line exhibition open to all authors regardless of nationality, age, gender and profession.


  • all authors:
    • digital catalog delivered by email
    • certificate of participation
  • selected authors:
    • Publication of works at the “Ideal City” exhibition (December 4-31, 2023)
    • Publication of works in the catalog of selected works on the topic “Ideal city”
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place:
    • Unique personalized painted T-shirt (author: Dragutin Dado Kovačević)
    • Additional prizes are in preparation…

By submitting their cartoons, authors confirm that they personally are the author of the submitted works (1-3), and that they are familiar with the nature and content of the program for which they are applying, and that they give their consent to the organiser to use the collected data for this program, as well as for informative activities and media campaigns. By submitting their cartoons, authors agree that the exhibited works remain at the disposal of the organiser, who can use them for promotional and other purposes without royalties and further exhibit them, with the name, surname and country of the author and the name of the exhibition.

Trešnjevka Cultural Centre
Park Stara Trešnjevka 1, 10110 Zagreb, Croatia

Project manager: Ph.D. Ivan Hromatko (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Exhibition selector: M.Sc. sc. Branka Hlevnjak, art critic
Professional associate: Dragutin Dado Kovačević, academic painter/graphic artist / ARTour


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