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40th.Edition Of The International Festival Of Comedy And Humor"Marul De Aur" Bistrita/Romania,2024

The organizer of thecurrentedition of the Festival is: House of Culture of theBistrita Trade Unions, withthesupport of:CitzHallBistriţa (Local Council), Bistrita Palace of Culture, National Association of CultureHouses of Trade Unions in Romania, the Union of Epigrammatistsfrom Romania, Pomicole Bistrita resort, theAssociation of HumoristsfromBistriţa.
„Marul de Aur” International Festival of Satire and Humor takes place fromMarch29to April 1, 2024, andincludesthefollowingcompetitionsections:
I. The SatiricalGraphicSection:
"Marul de Aur" International SatiricalGraphicsCompetition, Bistriţa, 2024, 40th edition, isaddressedtoallcartoonistsfromaroundtheworld.
The contest isstructured in twosubsections:
1. Humorousdrawing, withthe theme:
2. Portraitwiththe theme:„LENIN AND KAFKA”
A maximum of 3 assignmentscanbesubmitted. The drawingswillbeaccompaniedby a CV, in Romanian or English, whichwillcontain: nameandsurname, address, contact phonenumber, e-mail, country of origin, copy of ID card /Passportand an IBAN account.
Attendance at thecompetitionwithpapers in bothsubsectionsismandatory for participants.
The workswillbesent, in JPG format (300dpi) by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; (telephone/fax: 0040 263 233 345; 0040 745 970 250.) The deadline for submitting worksis March 1, 2024, participantswillreceiveconfirmation of theirentryintothecompetition.
The worksselected for awardswillbeincluded in the„Marul de Aur”SatiricalGraphics Salon - 2024. 
The worksentered in thecompetitionwillbeevaluatedby an internationaljury made up of outstandingpersonalities in thefield.
II. LiteraryCreationsection: 
1. The subsectionLiterarycreation in manuscriptincludes: 
- Epigramcompetitionwiththe theme „FRONT - PO(I)NT, VOTE - COMP(L)OTE”, wheretheauthorswillobligatorilysend 3 (three) epigrams on the theme and 3 (three) epigrams of theirchoice.
Entries must be original, unpublishedandunsubmittedtoothercompetitions, withoutlicensed content. Theywillbesenttothe e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., in a Word file, timesnew roman, character 12, signedwith a motto thatwillalsobeincluded on the personal sheet, whichwillbesenttoyou in a separate file. The participantswillreceiveby e-mail theconfirmation of theregistration in the contest.
2. SubsectionLiterarycreation in published volume:
In thissubsection, authors of humorousliteraturecanenterthe contest with 2 (two) copies of eachtitle, printedbetweenApril 2023 - February 2024, volumeswith a humorousnature, accompaniedbythetypeentryform, copy of ID card and an IBAN account. Volumeswillbesenttothe festival addressbyMarch 1, 2024 (postal date) andmanuscriptsby e-mail bythe same date. 
III. The satiricalinterpretationsection
Bands, satiricalgroups, satiricaltheaters, coupletsand individual humor performers, fromprofessional cultural institutions, andamateursfromamongstudentsandpupils, as well as frommilitarycircles in the country, canregister in thissection.
In theirrepertoire, thecontestantswillapproachtextsbyclassical or contemporaryauthors as well as fromtheirowncreation, providedthatthestagepresencedoesnotexceed15 minutes - thegroups; 5 minutes – individual performersandduets. Interpretergroupscan consist of 8-10 members.
Texts, documentswith indecent content are notaccepted in thecompetition. 
Toregister for thissection, thoseinterestedwillsend, byMarch 1, 2024, theregistrationform (accordingtotheattached model) and a DVD withthe content of the program proposed for thecompetition - preselectionstage.
The festival willendwiththeLaureates Gala, in whichtheaward-winningbandswill participate, andtheaward-winningepigramistswillpresent a group of 5 (five) epigrams on stage.
Works fromallsectionssentafterMarch 1 willnotbeadmittedtothecompetition.
The prizes of thethreecompetitionsections consist of money, diplomasandtrophies. The righttoawardandranktheprizes in thecompetitionsections, as well as theirredistribution, belongsexclusivelytothejury.
The workssent for the contest are notreturnedtothecontestants, theyremain for the archive of the festival. The organizerswillbeabletosubsequentlypublish/post theparticipants' works in thefestival Catalogue, website or othermaterialsrelatedtothe festival, withoutaskingtheparticipants' consent.
Works or texts of an obscene character are notadmittedtothecompetition, in any of thesections.
Afterthejudging, thewinners of theSatiricalGraphicsandLiteraryCreationcontestswillbeannounced in duetimeto participate in theawardceremonyandthe Laureate Gala - 2024.
For the Humor InterpretationCompetition, thejurywillwatchtheprograms on DVDs, andtheselectedgroupsand individual performerswillbeinvitedtotheAwards CeremonyandtheHUMOR GALA.
Allcorrespondenceregardingthe Festival issenttothisaddress:
Alexandru Odobescu Street, no. 3, code 420043, Bistriţa, ROMANIA 
Additionalinformation at: 
Phone/fax:: 0040 263 233 345, 0040 745 970 250; 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​      Festival director,
​​​Al. Câţcăuan
„GOLDEN APPLE” 2024 / „LA POMME D’OR” 2024
Applicationform / Fiched’inscription
• Formaţia, grupul, interpretul, creatorul (Motto)/ Band, group, artist, creator:
• Instituţia reprezentată / Represented Institution / Institution représenté:
• Adresa / Adress /Adresse:
• Telefon/fax/email / Adressphone/fax/email:
• Data înfiinţării (naşterii) / Foundation date / Date de naissance:
• BI / CI, seria ____ nr. ____________ CNP _________________________________ Cont IBAN_________________________________________________________________
• Secţiunea de concurs / Section contest /Catérogiechoisipour le concours: __________________________________________________________________
• Repertoriul, manuscrisul, volumul, lucrarea / Repertoire, manuscripts, volume, work / Répertoire, manuscrits, volume, oeuvre:
• Autor texte / Textsauthor /Auteur du texte:
• Instructor/autor / Instructor/author /Instructeur/auteur:
• Titlul volumului/lucrării / Title of volume/work / Titre du volume/travail:____________________________________________________________________________
• Regia artistică / Editura / Artistic Director / Publisher:Maisond’Édition / Éditeur: __________________________________________________________________
• Participări la alte concursuri / Participation in othercompetitions /Participation à d’autre(s) concour(s): ________________________________________
• Număr persoane în grup _______ din care _____femei
​Number of people in group _____ of wich ______Women
Nombre de personne dans le groupe _____ avec ______ femmes. 
• Data sosirii la Bistriţa / CheckBistriţa/ Date d’arrivée à Bistrita:
• Mijloc de transport / Means of transport / Moyen de transport:
​​Data/Date ​​​​​​Semnătura şi ştampila
​​​​​​​​​Signatureandstamp / Signature et tampon


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