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XXXII International Satire and Humor Festival "City of Trento"/Italy, 2024
THEME: Roots
NEW DEADLINE:15 July 2024
Art. 1
Studio d’Arte Andromeda announces the XXXII International Festival of Satire and Humor "City of Trento".
- The contest will identify three winning artworks for the satire/humor/illustration category (A) and one in the comics category (B).
- For each category there will be a cash prize.
- The jury will also select approximately 150 artworks that will form an exhibition that will be inaugurated in the course of 2024.
Art. 2
The participation to the contest is free and opened to italian and international artists from the age of 16.
Art. 3
Every artist must register by filling and sending, with the artworks, the form attached to the last page of this document.
Each author can send a maximum of three artworks, with the possibility to join both categories, as long as it’s specified in the form.
The artworks must be in A4 or A3 (vertical or horizontal) and be sent in JPG or TIFF format with resolution of 300 dpi.
Art. 4
Every artist joining the contest takes responsability for the originality of the artworks and declare to be their authors, relieving the Organization from possible requests of reimbursement coming, at any scale, from thirds.
Art. 5
The artworks will be judged by a jury made of members of Studio d’Arte Andromeda and personalities of the world of satire, comics and illustration.
The decisions of the jury are unquestionable.
Art. 6
The results of the jury selection will be announced to the participants via email.
Art. 7
From all the artworks received will be selected three winners for the satire/humor/illustration category and one for the comics category.
For the satire/humor/illustration category there will be a First Prize of the amount of 1.000 €, a Second Prize of 500 € and a Third Prize of 300 €.
For the comics category there will be a First Prize of the amount of 500 €.
The jury will also signal seven artworks for the satire/humor/illustration category and two for the comics category.
The jury has the possibility of assigning special mentions to worthy artworks.
The jury will also award the Alessandro Alfonsi Special Prize to the artwork closest to the graphic imagery of our friend and member prematurely passed away.
Art. 8
For the final exhibition, the Organization will print at its own expenses every panel of the artworks selected from the jury.
Art. 9
The authors, joining the contest, give to the organization the non exclusive right for printing the artworks on any support to promote the Festival. The Organization commits to quote every artists’ name in each case.
Art. 10
The participation to the contest implies the approval of all the rules included in this document.
THEME: Roots
DEADLINE: 15 July 2024
The contest is opened to italian and international artists from the age of 16. Each artist can send maximum three artworks, not awarded or selected in other contests.
A) Satire/Humor/Illustration - max 3 artworks
B) Comics - max 3 artworks (each artwork con be made of one or two pages)
The artworks must be sent in A4/A3 format and be sent at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Minimun resolution of 300 dpi, in JPG o TIFF.
Images sent by email must not be over 10MB, for bigger files use
First Prize 1.000,00 €
Second Prize 500,00 €
Third Prize 300,00 €
First Prize 500,00 €
300,00 €
The award cerimony and exhibition will be held in the course of 2024


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