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15th Biennial International Cartoon Contest "FRAŠTACKÝ TŔŇ 2024"/Slovakia
EX LIBRIS AD PERSONAM HLOHOVEC and Homeland museum in Hlohovec 
Contest conditions:
Theme: A/ Plastics   B/ Free theme. 
 1. contestant is obliged to send minimum 4 works (2 works on topic A and 2 works on topic B).
2. works must be originals
3. size of the work is free – we recomend A4
4. the drawing technique is free
5. it is advisable that the works do not contain text or comments
6. write, please, your name, age, profession, address, telephone number and email on the back side of the work   
7. awarded works will become in the possession of theorganisers 
8. other entries can be returned to the request of the author
9. all contest works can be used  for promotional and other purposes  
10. the participants accept the conditions of the contest by sending their application
11. foreign participants are required to communicate in English in their correspondence with organisers of the contest
12. the deadline for sending the contest works is August 13, 2024  to the address:
​Závalie 3/A, P.O.BOX 58, 920 01 Hlohovec
13. write, please, on envelope:  FRAŠTACKÝ TŔŇ 2024
14. The jury session will be held on August 22, 2024. Awarded contestants will be informed about results by letter.  
1st  prize – 300,- EUR
2nd prize – 200,- EUR​
3rd  prize -  100,- EUR
The jury reserves the right to award other prizes or not to award a prize if the contest works do not reach a satisfactory level.
The ceremonial announcement of the results of the contest and opening of the exhibition will be held on October 4, 2024 in Hlohovec, The Homeland Museum Gallery, Rázusova st. 6 
More information: František Bojničan: +421 905/352 506, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


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