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THEME:"Humor in times of anger"
Let's put a smile on the planet.(Humor in times of cholera)
Deadline:August 15, 2024
CALICOMIX INVITATION to graphic artists of the world to participate in the following call: COMPETITION HUMOR IN TIMES OF ANGER - Let's give a smile to the planet.
We have attached the rules of the contest:
"Humor in times of anger"
Let's put a smile on the planet.
In the most unsuspecting corners, where anger and sadness intertwine like lines in the jungle, the spark of humor emerges. It is in those moments of discontent, when the world seems to crumble, that human ingenuity rises as a beacon of hope. Thus, the Calicomix Foundation in Cali, Colombia, calls all artists, dreamers and lovers of pencil and ink to participate in the contest "Humor in times of cholera".
I. Target
The goal of this contest is twofold: on the one hand, to promote creativity and artistic expression; on the other, to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and protecting the planet. Through humor, we want to weave bridges between reflection, tolerance, and fun, reminding us that even in the darkest moments, laughter can be a healing balm.
II. Tema
The central theme is the relationship between cholera and biodiversity. How can we use humor to address the conflicts that threaten our natural environment? What characters, situations, or metaphors can illuminate our understanding and spark smiles? Let your imagination fly and create works that make us think while we crack up.
III. Participants
The contest is open to all ages and nationalities. From the smallest to the wisest, everyone has a place in this adventure. Diversity is our greatest wealth, and we want to see it reflected in every stroke and every word.
IV. Format
1. Cartoons or Illustrations:
or Create bulletins that address the proposed topic. You can use any style.
or Satire and irony are welcome.
or Plasmas your ideas and submit up to three works.
Shipping Format:
2. The works must be digital files in A4 format and with a resolution of 300 dpi.
V. Awards
1. First Place:
or Two million Colombian pesos. COP $2,000,000. oo
2. Second Place:
or One Million Colombian Pesos COP $1,000,000. oo
3. 10 honorable mentions
The winning works will be exhibited as part of the celebration of 30 years of Calicomix created in 1994.
Adult Category: participants from 18 years old can submit up to three works, a diploma of participation will be awarded.
Children's Category: Participants can submit up to three works each. A Diploma of Participation will be awarded.
Note: Children's Category will not receive any cash prizes. Her works will be published in a virtual exhibition on the Calicomix Foundation website
VI. Submission of Works
Instructions for the participants:
Works must be submitted by August 15, 2024 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Every work must be accompanied by author's name, nationality, age and contact email.
Works created with artificial intelligence are not admitted, and they must be original works, if checked they could not access the prizes, nor mentions and the responsibility lies exclusively with the participant.
Publishing Rights:
• By participating, you hand over the publishing rights of your work both in print and digital to the Calicomix Foundation. This nonprofit will use the work in environmental education, ecological campaigns and outreach prints.
• The copyright remains with the participant, and their name and nationality will be mentioned in each published piece.
Donation of the work reproduction:
• When submitting your work, you understand that the reproduction of your work is not paid, the Calicomix Foundation is a non-profit organization.
Rewards and donations:
The prize money will only be given in the name of the participant, no transfers will be made to third party accounts.
• For winners who have difficulty receiving their prize, it is suggested to send a document donating the money to environmental foundations determined by the winner.
VII. Conclusion
In these times of cholera, let laughter be our shield and creativity our sword. May every stroke, every word, be a song to life and a reminder that even in the storm, we can find beauty and hope.
Let the planet defense humor party begin!
This event is supported by the National Concert Program of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Knowledge, the District Concert Program of Artistic and Cultural Projects of the Secretariat of Culture of Santiago de Cali and the Creative Band Advertising Agency specialized in social marketing and environmental.


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