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First International Graphic Humour Competition About Labour Rights/Spain 2015


This contest is open to all participants over 18 years of age,

either amateur or professional cartoonists.

The contest theme is "Graphic Humour about Labour Rights".

The starting points include: working conditions, functional diversity and work,

right to work, the informal economy, equality and discrimination at work, gender equality,

freedom of association, labour migration, maternity protection, job insecurity,

social protection, pensions, wages, health and safety at work, working hours, decent work,

domestic work, child labour, juvenile labour, forced labour, human trafficking and slavery.

Anything.The participants can send a maximum of 3 original papers to the contest.

Entries may be made by any painting technique.

The format is free.Works can be without words, or in Catalan, Spanish,

English, French or Arabic.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 300 DPI point resolution in JPG or JPEG format

and/or by post mail to Via Laietana 18, 9a Planta – 08003, Barcelona.

">The works are to be emailed to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

at 300 DPI point resolution in JPG or JPEG format and / or by post mail to

Via Laietana 18, 9a Planta - 08003, Barcelona.

The registration for the competition, a participation form has to have the author's signature

and a copy of the works, and can be delivered by certified post to the following address:

1st Concurs International d 'Humor Gràfic i Drets Laborals,

Via Laietana 18, 9th Floor - 08003, Barcelona.

This must contain the information specified in paragraph

7.The deadline for entries is August 31, 2015 at 24:00

(Central European Time or Barcelona time).

A card that includes the name, surname, Postcard and e-mail address, telephone contact,

a picture or cartoon of the author, and a brief summary of their path as an artist

must accompany the presentation of the works. 

Entry Form:

Awards will be issued:

a) First prize € 600,

b) Second prize € 300,

c) Third prize € 100,

and 4 runner-up prizes of € 100 for each of the following themes:

Union repression, Family and Labour Conciliation, Social Economy,

Occupational healthThe judges' decision is final.

The composition of the jury will be announced at the time when the result of the

competition has been communicated, but it will consist of a cartoonist, one labour lawyer,

a member of CGT -Catalunya and an appointed member of l 'OlivaThe Jury's decision shall be notified

to the authors of the winning entries during September 2015 by email and subsequently

published in the blog and networks of the competition.

The first 80 selected works will fuel the exhibition "Graphic Humour about Labour Rights",

to create educational and / or information and / or awareness materials convenor deem appropriate.

The use of a work shall always be accompanied by the mention of the authorship of the drawing,

provided we are not notified otherwise.The electronic version of all works submitted to the contest

will be seen in the Virtual Gallery to be published later in the Contest`s digital communication

and virtual tools and the virtual CGT -Catalunya and l 'Oliva organization virtual spaces.

CGT -Catalunya and l'Oliva organization will be able to copy, distribute and play the leftovers

received without express permission of the author without this representing any kind of

obligation with respect to the author by the organizers, and all materials generated will have

framed the intellectual property policy of copy theft.

The benefits that can be achieved dissemination, copying or reproduction of participating

works will be reinvested in full how to continue the project that l 'Oliva and CGT -Catalunya develops.

The organizers will resolve any issues that may occur and are not covered

by these rules.Participation in the contest implies acceptance of these rules.

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