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1st International Cartoon Festival /Czech Republic 2015
The town of Františkovy Lázně, in cooperation with the Czech Cartoonist and Humorist Club, cordially invites you to the 1st International Cartoon Festival with the presentation of the "CARTOONIST OF THE YEAR 2016" awards.
Date: 11 - 16 July 2016.
An open-air cartoon exhibition will take place at the open space of the Národní třída street and the colonnade in Františkovy Lázně.
On Saturday, 16 July 2016
supporting programme: workshops, meetings with cartoonists - discussions, caricature drawing, drawing into autograph books etc., musical performances and other cultural events, a craft fair and a Gala Evening at the colonnade at the Francis' spring with the presentation of the awards.
Awards will be presented in the following categories:
CARTOONIST OF THE YEAR 2016 - chosen by an expert committee.
CARTOONIST OF THE YEAR - READERS 'CHOICE - the best cartoon selected by the public. Based on a poll that will take place during the whole exhibit + on Facebook and in media focusing on cartoons. All votes of readers and visitors will be entered into a prize draw.
CARTOONIST OF THE YEAR / The Biggest Gainer - an award for the best amateur cartoon (selected by an expert committee) - cartoons by cartoonists from Schools of Art, home amateur drawers etc.
Conditions of participation for all authors:
To send 10 cartoons - but do not send them just yet. We will invite you to do so in time and will supply the necessary instructions. The cartoons will be sent electronically to the CHC's e-mail. You do not have to print anything and send it by mail. We will print and install your cartoons for you.
Accommodation during the festival:
We have arranged for free-of-charge accommodation for you. We know it is difficult to plan right now on what you will be doing in July 2016. However, we have to present a rooming list to the hoteliers of all hotels and spa hotels in Františkovy Lázně, who have chosen to support our festival, as soon as of December 2015.
They will support us by accommodating all attending cartoonists free of charge. It does not matter for how long you will come, be it 5 days or just one. They already need to know this December, however, since they can not guarantee sufficient availability otherwise. The hotels have a lot of bookings more than 6 months in advance. If you do not register for the accommodation in advance, we can not guarantee that there will be sufficient rooms available to accommodate you - and if there will be, we can not promise it will be free of charge !!!
If you decide to come for the festival, please plan it particularly for Saturday, 16 July 2016, as the presentation of the Cartoonist of the Year award will take place on this date.

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