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PORTOCARTOON 2016 - Global Understanding - INVITATION

Dear Cartoonist,

International organizations (ICSU, ISSC e CIPSH), under the patronage of UNESCO declared 2016 as the International Year of the Global Understanding. This is a good purpose for humorous reflection on so many misunderstandings spread by the media. From the world to the world.

Wolinski said that the humor needs disaster, despair and nervous breakdown, to bloom (PortoCartoon 2009 catalogue)

Main theme: The Global Understanding

Dead line : 29 FEB 2016

This is the challenge: to promote the global understanding, with the disagreement of humor!

Two great figures have been appointed for the 2016 edition of the Caricature Special Awards:

1-Charlie Chaplin (1989-1971)

2-Sara Sampaio

The choice of this figures aim to target the ingeniousness of humour artists, and arises from other designations made since 2013: Manoel de Oliveira and José Saramago (2013); Nelson Mandela and Siza Vieira (2014); Cristiano Ronaldo and Ernest Hemingway (2015(

We will be looking forward to receiving your most appreciated participation, with our best wishes for a 2016 full of humour,

Luís Humberto Marcos



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4300- 316 Porto

tel: +351 22 530 49 66

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