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The 24th University Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba-UNIMEP,2016

Piracicaba Humor University Hall
01- The 24th University Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba-UNIMEP, organized by the Methodist University of Piracicaba, will be held according to the following schedule:
Registration: until May 23, 2016
Selection of papers: June 6, 2016
Definition of winners / Opening: June 10, 2016
02- may subscribe exclusively to undergraduate students and graduate students in activity or has completed its course in the last two years of any college or university upon registration form accompanied by DOCUMENT (or copy) proving their academic link .
CATEGORIES    CHARGE: humoristic drawing on a real event that occurred recently.
    KHARTOUM: humorous design with no necessary connection with any particular fact.
    Caricature: Portrait with anatomic distortion, usually in some recognizably famous personality.
    COMICS (H.Q) / STRIP: sequential story told in steps / frames.
    THEME: category dedicated to graphic humor works that deal specifically with environmental issues, which will receive special awards (see AWARDS item).INSCRIPTION
Registration is free and can be done in person; by post; or the internet.03- Each participant may enter ?? in as many categories as you wish, without limit of amount of works, OWN YOUR AUTHOR and UNPUBLISHED (not ordered publication nor previous award to the University Hall), subject to cases of non-compliance with these conditions the cancellation or revocation of prizes or received mentions, without prejudice to other penalties that fit, even criminal.NOTE 1: will not be accepted COPIES (?? ?? photocopy, photograph or heliography) of the work.
Note 2: PRINT works may be sent from digital files, respecting ?? to own authorship and originality of the work (not ordered publication nor previous award to the University Hall).
NOTE 3: It is mandatory to send the registration form filled out, accompanied by picture DOCUMENT TO PROVE be a student with regular academic link, or you have completed your course in the last two years (graduates / graduates).
04- The works sent by MAIL, or delivered in person, must be presented as follows: 30X40 cm (or 12X16 in.) Without any kind of frame, with identification on the back containing: full name, country, phone, email , the category in which it is running and the name of education institution (with legible letter). The address for personal delivery or postage is:University Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba / UNIMEP
Methodist University of Piracicaba
A / C: Communication Laboratory
Sugar highway, Km 156 - C. Taquaral
PO Box 68 - CEP: 13400-911 Piracicaba / SP / Brazil
Phone: (19) 3124-1611
05- The works sent by INTERNET to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., should have their files ending with the following characteristics: JPG; 300 dpi; RGB colors; maximum 3MB each. The body of work must be accompanied by registration form filled, beyond the image of a document proving to be a student with regular academic link (or has completed its course in the last two years).
06- will be considered enrolled jobs that, in addition to compliance with the requirements in items 02, 03, 4:05, are held by the Organizing Committee until 23 MAY 2016, in effect, to subscribers by mail, the date of posting.
07- All entries, according to item 06, will undergo a pre-selection, and only approved by the Selection Jury will compete for prizes.
NOTE 1: Regardless of the number of entries by the authors (free), will be the limit for the Selection of a maximum of 03 works of each artist by category.
Note 2: All entries will have their images reproduced for disclosure purposes.
08 - several prizes will be awarded in cash, the total amount of R $ 6,000.00 (six thousand reais), divided as follows:    04 prizes worth R $ 1,000.00 (one thousand reais) each, nominated by the Jury Award from the selected work (regardless of category).
    01 Special Award / theme in cash, entitled ?? Environment Award / Centro Cultural Martha Watts-Unimed ?? in the amount of R $ 1,000.00 (one thousand reais), given to the best work that address the issue ENVIRONMENTAL / ECOLOGICAL.
    01 special prize called ?? Prof. Almir de Souza Maia ?? in the amount of R $ 1,000.00 (one thousand reais), among other works SELECTED defined by voting via the Internet from the statement the artists / authors Selected in that edition. Each artist should point ?? OBRIGATORIAMENTE- 02 (TWO) works of your choice among those competing for awards, being -in MÁXIMO- 01 of his own. The procedures will be detailed via E-MAIL in the period for the said vote (after event opening date), through reports sent to the addresses indicated by the artists in the Registration Form.NOTE 1: Other prizes and mentions can be instituted at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.
Note 2: The awards CASH only be deposited in Current Account NAME OF AWARD (Individual), who shall inform all data of that bank account to the Organizing Committee, upon request by the latter.
09- Selection and award will be made, respectively, by a Jury Selection and Award Jury, composed both by people trained in the area.
10- The winning entries in accordance with the items 8:09 will be considered acquisitive Methodist University of Piracicaba. The possession, use and other rights in such work will belong to UNIMEP, the CULTURAL CENTER MARTHA WATTS and Unimed (theme Environment Award), which reserve the right to make their use they please.
11. Other works may be withdrawn by the authors, after prior contact thereof with the organization during the period from August 24 to October 30, 2016, in the same place of registration referred to in item 04, or by post, provided that the interested send statement authorizing the shipment, for payment to the post office when wITHDRAWAL (artist expense interested).
12. The Organizing Committee and the Methodist University of Piracicaba are not responsible for any damage or loss of works sent by mail or sent over the Internet.
13. A simple application configures automatically and full consent of the participant with this Regulation.
14. Issues not covered in these Rules shall be resolved by the Organizing Committee, after consultation with the Dean.


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