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31th National and International Cartoon Competition, Burdur/ Turkey,2016
The deadline for participation in the competition is Friday, 29 April 2016 

 ARTICLE 1: The 31st National and International Cartoon Competition is organized by the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism of Burdur Governorate in the framework of the Day of Museums to be celebrated on 18 May, 2016.OBJECTIVE
 ARTICLE 2: The smuggling of historical artifacts, the efforts to bring the smuggled cultural artifacts back to our country, historical and natural sites, monumental works and consciousness of historical environment have continuously taken place on the agenda of our country in parallel to scientific researches and archeological excavations.
 Our objectives in this competition are not only encouraging our artists but also receiving their opinions and criticism on these issues, disseminating the love of historical artifacts to a wider section of population, contributing to the development of tourism in the city and ensuring that the messages on these issues will remain on the agenda of our country.SUBJECT
ARTICLE 3: The theme of the competition is “Historical Artifacts-Museum and Human Relations”.THE CONDITIONS FOR THE PARTICIPANTS AND THEIR WORKS
ARTICLE 4: Everybody can participate in the competition, except jury members and their first and second degree relatives.
ARTICLE 5: Artists can send maximum of 3 works to the competition.
ARTICLE 6: The works to be submitted to the competition must be original and not published before. The submission must be made with originals and not copies such as photocopy etc. The intellectual content of the works are the responsibility of artists.
ARTICLE 7: The name, surname, address and phone number of the participants must be written on the right hand side at the back of the works. Participants will also submit their brief resume enclosed in the post.
ARTICLE 8: The format of the works will be maximum  35 x 25 cm and minimum A4 size, the works smaller or bigger than these formats will be disqualified.
ARTICLE 9: The works which qualify in the preliminary evaluation (means that they are found worth to be exhibited) can be exhibited in the Burdur Museum or other relevant places.
ARTICLE 10: The cartoons to be submitted to the competition will be the property of the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism of Burdur Governorate. All the copyrights of the works will be considered to have been transferred to the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism. In case the works are published, the artists will not ask for copyright on the possible publications of their cartoons, but the copies of the publications will be sent to them free of charge.COMPETITION CALENDAR AND SUBMISSION DEADLINE
ARTICLE 11: The deadline for participation in the competition is Friday, 29 April 2016. The evaluation will be made between 2nd  and 7th of May 2016. The results will be announced on Friday, 13 May 2016 on the web sites of Burdur Governorate, The Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism and The Directorate of Burdur Museum. The award ceremony will take place on 18 May 2016 in the framework of the Day of Museums. The owners of the awarded works will receive their awards during their participation in the award ceremony. Their transportation to/from Burdur and the session fees will be covered by the organizers. The works for the 30th National and International  Cartoon Competition can be submitted by post or in person to the following address:
Burdur Müze Müdürlüğü,
31. Ulusal ve Uluslararası
Karikatür Yarışması Eserleri,
Özgür Mh. Halk Pazarı Cad. No: 3
 ARTICLE 12:                         
1st Award  :..........2.750,00 TL
2nd Award : …….2.000.00 TL
3rd  Award :..........1,500,00 TL
Mention:……..….1000,00 TL
  Also :                 Burdur Municipality, Association of Plastic Arts Volunteers and Burdur Marble Cutters Association, will give Jury Special Prize on selected cartoons.OTHER ISSUES
ARTICLE 14: The artists that take part in the competition are considered to have accepted the provisions of this regulation.  
Note: The regulation documents can be found at:, and  and All participants can send their works by mail or deliver by hand.


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