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International Illustration Contest/Italy,2016
 Article 1
1. “That’s a Mole!” is a contest promoted by Associazione That’s a Mole, Fondazione Contrada Torino ONLUS and Fondazione Casa di Carità Arti e Mestieri Onlus under the patronage of Regione Piemonte, Città di Torino, Fondazione Torino Smart City.

2. “That’s a Mole!” International Illustration Contest aims at exploiting the Participants’ creativity and artistic expressions to create a new visual identity for the city of Torino, by interpreting one of the most important icons of the city: the Mole Antonelliana monument.The contest is international and open to everybody, regardless of age. Participation can be either individual or collective. Participants are asked to create an illustration, a graphic interpretation or a decorative pattern inside the shape of the Mole Antonelliana monument, as shown in the attached documentation. A qualified jury will select the winner proposal, whose author will receive a money prize, and further 26 proposals that will be exhibited to the in Via Montebello, the street where the Mole Antonelliana is located - thus ensuring
the maximum visibility to the authors’ creations.

3. The use of selected and winner’s creations for the purposes laid down in this regulation will be considered copyright of Associazione That’s a Mole, Fondazione Contrada Torino ONLUS and Fondazione Casa di Carità
Arti e Mestieri Onlus. The use of selected and winner’s creations for the purposes laid down in this regulation does not confer to the author(s) the right to any further financial provision or to any other benefit.The selected authors authorize the promoting subjects, without any restriction and without any financial provision, to reproduce the submitted artworks on books, internet sites, posters, postcards and invitation cards, newspapers’ articles and telecasts and any other promotional material connected to the contest and its economical sustain with the only obligation to cite the names of the authors.The authors of the selected works also agree to quote always the selection, publication and exhibition for That’s a Mole, if they use the same works for other purposes and other publications.

4. Participation in the present contest implies the total acceptance of the conditions presented in this Regulation.

Article 2
(Terms and Conditions)

1. The contest is open to both Italian and foreign citizens, resident and non-resident in Italy, legal or natural persons of all ages.

2. The application could be submitted either individually or collectively (co-authored); each participant could send a maximum of 3 interpretations of Mole Antonelliana, neither published nor presented in previous contests.

3. Candidates are responsible for the originality of their proposals and must guarantee the authorship, thus raising the organizers from any liability from any third parts’ claims related to copyright and other connected issue.

4. The images proposed, if sent by email, must be sent with the Application form attached to this regulation (Annex A), duly filled in all its sections and signed by the Participant.
If the participation is made using the form on website, Annex A must be filled in directly during the compilation of the participation form.
If the Participant is minor in age, the form must be completed and signed by a parent or a legal tutor.
5. All the proposals from a single candidate need to be aggregated into a single application process.
Article 3
(Artworks essential requirements)
1. Submitted proposals must be original and unpublished.

2. The Mole Antonelliana’s shape in the Participants’ Proposals must be clearly recognizable and identifiable. Thus the sample shape with relevant dimensions is given (Annex B). Elements that protrude outside the shape, as long as they do not affect the recognition of the original shape supplied in Annex B, are also allowed.

3. The jury will evaluate the proposals based on criteria related to:
l originality
l quality
l readability
l ability to visual storytelling
l adaptability of the proposal to final exhibition, realized on plastic shapes supported by iron structures (see

4. The works can be carried out with any technique, manually or digitally, by the following terms:a) manual proposal (on paper/cardboard, collage, photography and 3-dimensional objects)
l must be scanned or photographed and sent electronically using JPEG or PDF with 10 Mb maximum dimension; l furthermore the Mole Antonelliana’s shape must be clearly recognizable and identifiable as supplied on Annex B and included inside the dimensions 40 cm height x 17 cm width (1:1 format)
l In case of collage techniques all images used must be free from any kind of copyright;
b) proposal presented electronically must be in one of indicated formats: JPEG o PDF, with 10 MB
maximum dimension;
In the case of selection by the jury, the proposals would be required in high definition (300 dpi) and with dimensions 40x17 cm (1:1 scale).

5. Submissions must not contain any identifying element of the author(s).

6. The authors may not publish their proposals until the official communication regarding the winner and selected works.Article 4(Mode and place of proposals submission)
1. The proposal may be presented in one the following modes:
a) By upload on with the relevant form
b) By email to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The email must contain also the application form (annex A) duty filled in and signed.
Article 5
(Calendar and diffusion)
1. Applications to the notice must be received by 12noon CEST on the 15 th of April 2016.
2. The communication of the winner and the images selected by the jury will be announced by the end of May 2016 on the internet site and on the respective Facebook page. The winners will also be informed by e-mail and / or by telephone.
Article 6
1. One prize of € 1.000 will be assigned to winning proposal
2. The prize will be given upon presentation of the legal candidate’s receipt, who must be identified in the application form as the “Author” or “Group leader”.
Article 7
(Selected proposal specially mentioned and exposed)
A maximum of 26 proposals,besides the winner, will be selected by the jury and will be exposed in a public exhibition in via Montebello: the street where the Mole Antonelliana is located. Other special mentions will be defined by project’s supporters and public institutions. Among the 26 selected proposals, 2 will be from authors younger than 18 years old.Article 8
(Competition jury)
All proposals will be judged by a jury composed of highly qualified experts in the field of illustration and visual communication, as well as representatives of the institutions of the city of Torino. Definition of the selected works will be carried out at the discretion of the jury members.
Article 9
(Contest phases)
Phase 1: Receipt of proposals and assessment of compliance with this Regulation.
Phase 2: Selection of the winning proposal by the jury, from among all the valid proposals for contest. A maximum of 26 other proposals will be specially mentioned and exposed in the heart of the city of Torino along via Montebello in front of the Mole Antonelliana monument.
Phase 3: Results would be communicated to the winner and mentioned proposals through email and/or telephone calls. Results would be published on website and on relevant Facebook page. The authors may not by any mean publish their proposals before the official communication.
Article 10
(Questions and information request)
Any questions or clarifications with respect to this Regulation should be sent to the following
email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Article 11
(Consent to personal data handling)
In accordance with Italian Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 we provide you with the following information, aimed at consensus of the participants to the processing of personal data:1) The information you provide will be used, within the limits of privacy legislation, for the following purposes: analysis of projects, projects selection, invitations to meetings and for all purposes to the execution of the contest and in order to meet all their obligations under the law.

2) The treatment will take place at the headquarters of the Association That’s a Mole and will be done either through paper and / or electronic means in compliance with all security measures of security and confidentiality of the data will be kept for the time required by civil regulations and tax regulations.

3) The provision of data relating to name, address is necessary for “That’s a Mole!” contest participation. In case of refusal to provide such data will make it impossible the contest participation.

4) We inform you that the personal data revealing racial or ethnic, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, membership of political parties, unions, associations or organizations of a religious, philosophical, political or trade union membership and personal data disclosing health and sex life, those relating to health, are sensitive information. These data will not be processed without your prior express written consent.

5) The data will be available to third parties that are part of the jury’s assessment of the proposals presented and indicated on contest “That’s a Mole!”; may also be communicated to third parties appointed by Associazione That’s a Mole to perform administrative, tax and legal, a consulting firm which our society may use for compliance with the law, the public authority or administration, if required, and always to comply legal purposes. Will not be instead be spread.

6) The data controller is the Associazione That’s a Mole, with registered offices and headquarters in Corso Luigi Einaudi 37-10129 Torino.

7) At any time you can exercise your rights against the data controller, in accordance with art. 7 of the Privacy Code by sending a request to the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In particular, you can request to know the existence of personal data that can affect you; to obtain without delay the communication in intelligible form of the data and their origin, the cancellation, anonymization or blocking of data processed in violation of the law; updating, rectification or integration of data; certification that the above transactions have been made
known to those to whom the data are disclosed, except where this proves impossible or involves the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right; to object, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, the processing of your personal data, pertinent for collection purposes.

8) For further information with regard to your rights regarding privacy, please visit the website of the Authority for the protection of personal data at
For further clarification please consult the official website:


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