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Invitation Of The Cartoon Virtual Museum"Portocartoon,2016" World Festival



The Cartoon Virtual Museum decided to create a new gallery on Tax Havens, open to all cartoonists.

And the call is released.Let's create the Humor Haven, where all utopias fit.But it survives only if is not suffocated by the 'tax havens' ...So: 'cartoonists from around the world, unite yourselves!Against tax havens,Long live the Utopia (Thomas More)Long live the Humor Haven!Luiz Humberto MarcosDirectorPortoCartoon and the Portuguese Printing Press Museum
Text about the theme: TAX HAVENS


And what does the cartoon?

The Panama Papers are a warning cry against one of the main cancers in the world: tax havens.They are a kind of monster, with several heads, which feeds crime, vice and greed, poisoning democracy. "The dishonesty greed of some became a calamity" - wrote Thomas More, 500 years ago, in UTOPIA. So thought the ideal island of Utopians. With humor, happiness, democracy. A true Republic.The Panama Papers scandal shows that the disaster is not over. On the contrary, it spread. Many millions of euros/dollars escape every year to social responsibility and feed crimes and wars. It is estimated that tax evasion would reach seven-year budget from all over Europe. An enormity! An affront to fiscal justice! An attempt to democratic ideals.To fulfill its function, journalism is emerging as the oxygen of democracy.The ICIJ (journalists consortium) makes journalism a guardian of freedom. In 2013, the PortoCartoon (theme: Equality, Liberty and Fraternity) alerted to the dangers of tax havens.But the various international institutions either sleep or talk quietly over it. This cancer does not enter the UN, UNESCO or OECD or G8 or G20 agendas. And cartoonists what they do? They may be dumb?Of course not!Here is the invitation: raise your pencils against calamity. Against the monster. Against false paradises drowning the world in misery.Tax havens suffocate democracy and any utopia.

There is only a haven: the Humor!


The Cartoon Virtual Museum, 06.April.2016



Li Jingshan
0 # Li Jingshan 2016-04-13 13:56
Why not email? How do we send our comics???
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