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Exhibition "Theatrical Posters Stephen Despodova"/Moscow/Russia 2015


Bulgarian theater poster exhibition opens at the Museum of them. A.Bahrushina
January 20 (Tuesday) at 17:00 at the State Central Theater Museum. AA Bahrushinaotkroetsya Exhibition Bulgarian theatrical poster. 34 The author of the works - known far outside the country cartoonist laureate of international competitions, the main artist of the People's Theatre. Ivan Vazov (Sofia) Stefan Despodov.
This exhibition - a joint project of BCI-Moscow, the Bulgarian National Theatre and the Theatre Museum. AA Bakhrushina. It is devoted to two anniversaries that mark this season Bakhrushin collection: 120th anniversary of the founding of the Museum of the famous Moscow industrialist and philanthropist AA Bakhrushin and the 150th anniversary of Alexei Alexandrovich. Bulgarian exhibition was included in the official program of festivals, becoming a significant event in a series of commemorative events. Special guests of the opening ceremony will be adviser to the Bulgarian Minister of Culture on International voprosamPavel Vasev (in the recent past - Director of National Theatre. I.Vazova) and colleague Stephen Despodova the shop - Professor Bozidar Yonov, a recognized master in the field of spatial and graphic design, founder of the International Triennial theatrical poster (Sofia), teacher of the National Academy of Art. ***
Stefan Despodov was born in 1950 in the town of Kyustendil, Bulgaria. In 1974 he graduated from the Art Academy in Sofia. For many years he worked in the genre of cartoons, illustrations and posters. Artistic director of three animated films.
His works were published at home and abroad: in Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Cuba and other countries. Among the well-known publications, published works Despodova - "New Era", "Literary Gazette," "The word», «Europeo», «Graphis», «Idea», «City». Out five albums copyright of the artist. He has participated in numerous projects in different countries, his solo exhibitions were held in Europe, Asia and America; winner of 80 awards. The exhibition in the Museum of them. AA Bakhrushina - the second solo exhibition of Stephen Despodova in Moscow. First held in 2012 under the interstate program "Days of Spiritual Culture of Bulgaria in the Russian Federation." In 2015, the Moscow audience will see the work of recent years: the poster to the most notable productions of the leading theater company in Bulgaria - National Theatre. Ivan Vazov (Sofia). His repertoire includes, in addition to world classics, not a few performances and works by Russian writers: Chekhov, Gorky, Turgenev, Leonid Andreyev, Joseph Brodsky and many, many others. "Stefan Despodov - thinker who focuses not on concepts, and the laws of the image. His images are characterized by suffering and frustration - the constant companions of wisdom. One gets the impression that the artist leads the fight with his creations - picture tense, as if the line were born in the throes of colors nervously piercing "- so to say about the work of Despodova criticism.
Unfortunately, Jan. 6 Stefan Despodov died forever.
Exhibition "Theatrical Posters Stephen Despodova" to express our respect for his bright, catchy creativity and our love for him - talented artist and a man with a good heart.
Exhibition "Theatrical Posters Stephen Despodova" State Central Theater Museum. AA Bakhrushina will be open until February 15, 2015 Mode of operation:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 12.00 - 19.00
Saturday: 13.00 - 21.00
Closed on Monday Museum Address: 115054, Moscow, ul. Bakhrushina 31/12
(m. "Paveletskaya").


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