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Exhibition "International Day Of  Humor"In Krasnodar/Russia 2015

April 1 in Krasnodar will host an exhibition of cartoons on the International Day of humorIn an April Fool's exhibition "The Krasnodar factory door" opens the door to the world of cartoons "was attended by 28 cartoonists from seven countries: Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, - and Cyprus. The authors sent more than 200 drawings , most of which are represented in the exhibition hall.Among cartoonists as recognized masters and artists whose names have yet to learn cartoon lovers: V. Alexandrov, S. Beloserov, V. Bogorad, M. Bondarenko, I. Varchenko, L. Vasiliev, A. Gevorgyan, V. Dubinin, A. Dubovskii, Kivokurtsev A., I. Kolgarev, M. Kosanovich, G. Hooks, D. Kuznetsov, Yu Kutasevich, I. Pashchenko, N. Rachkov, A. Ryzhov, S. Sadurski, G. Svetozarov, S. Sichenko, V . Tarasenko, V. Tarasov, V. Hahanov, V. Zimbalist, Chernyshev, V. Shilov.Individual attention, children's studio work Ural club cartoonists "Cranberry", in force since 1985. Its portfolio of over 1000 degrees, medals and cash prizes at various levels.Kuban in the exhibition is Vladimir Zimbalist - Diploma of International Cartoon Contest in France, Italy, Ukraine, -, Japan, the Soviet Union, Russia and Cuba, a member of the Guild of cartoonists MediaUnion Russia.The exhibition will be held from 1 to April 30 address: Krasnodar, x. Lenin, MTF-1, 4th Dep., 3rd exhibition hall.The exhibition hall is open every day without breaks and weekends from 9:00 to 17:00 hours. Admission is free.



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